3rd of July

July 3, 2018: It had been awhile, but when our friends offered to host another 3rd of July party, we were thrilled! M can’t really attend a fireworks display, but they live within walking distance of a good sized show. There were so many kids…we couldn’t help but laugh at how different our gatherings are these days!

After great food and tons of playtime, I took E in our wagon to the show…with tons of glow-stuff to play with in the dark. We had a bit of a moment, when she had her hands full of goodies and STILL wanted the things that other kids had. I lost it a bit…am I doing everything wrong with raising this kid to appreciate what she has?! I was assured it’s the age, but I couldn’t sleep that night. In fact I don’t think E and I spoke the 30-min drive home. Teenage years are going to be fun with this one! I digress…let’s look at fun (& hard-to-shoot) images from the fireworks show!

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