B 4th Birthday Party

July 8, 2018: E is at the age where parties are THE BEST THING EVER, so she was really excited to go to her cousin B’s house for his 4th Birthday! First she wanted to dress like her baby sister — or maybe that was me — either way, she loved it, and held her sister in the front yard for a few photos.

Then it was off to the party! We packed the slip’n’slide for B & C to try out, and I think the adults had as much fun watching the different personalities of these kids as they did playing. E is so crazy she goes right for it…C wasn’t too sure, and took a careful approach…B was wary at first, but then found his own way to have fun with the water!  There was a cookie cake, Toilet Trouble was the game of the year, and bubbles in the backyard made for a FUN party.  How are these kids getting so BIG!?


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