All By Herself

July 12, 2018 | 11:50 pm

Hearing Marlo do this sharp/loud breath intake, I start googling on my phone for explanations. After reading the spectrum of options, I go into her room just to listen to her breathe/ease my mind.
As I’m in there, I hear E go into the bathroom, use the potty, get into a drawer, then go back to her room (with my ear pressed against the door). I’m so proud that she’s doing this without calling us anymore! So I have to go into her room to tell her…& she’s beaming with pride when I praise her for being so big.

“I can do it since I’m 4…not when I was 3 with the locks on the door, or if my hands are greasy. And I put on calming oil!” (Judging by potency, a LOT)

I see her 3 fave stuffies lined up on the headboard.  “I or-ga-nized them like that, but can I have turquoise bunny now?” I love how she said ORGANIZED 🙂

We said I love yous, and I walked back to my room with a big smile on my face… 🙂

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