Dad’s “Report”

July 17, 2018 | E had to stay home from preschool thanks to some snot and a mild fever. D took the morning off so I could still have a SMIDGE of adult time with a friend, and he even provided a “report” on how things went like preschool does!

After breakfast we continued making her flashcards with markers. She drew her Fisher Price phone, complete with icons that she counted to make sure she got the right number and in the right arrangement of a 3 x 4 grid. Then she drew 5 dots and numbered them and connected the dots. She then did this whole thing again but in a different color and that one was “my” phone. After driving the “car” (kitchen table) to preschool, we took them into the living room for show and tell. She stood up and told the class what it was and that she drew it. I then had to get up and do the same thing after we both wrote our names on the cards. Then somehow I became a “bad witch” and she was the witch’s kitty. So we reenacted as much of Room on the Broom as I could remember.

We went out back and she played around the pond. At one point she went in and got her water bottle, but that wasn’t quite right, so she got a small plastic bowl and filled that up with water and drank out of it like a kitty. I made her stop once Mosby also drank out of it.


Feeding Mosby frozen green beans as a treat

She picked up random “yucky” things out of the pond and the yard to make a potion in her cauldron.


In this picture she was a “mommy bunny and I was the daddy bunny and she was going to have a baby bunny.” But soon after that the baby was born and it became a kangaroo so she could put it back in her pouch. But she didn’t like the name Joey, and wanted to call it turquoise kangaroo instead.

Went to the front yard and got out the sidewalk chalk. I had her draw an arrow so that mom would know where to drive to park the car. But she was frustrated that she didn’t really know how to draw one and it didn’t look like she wanted. I told her it looked a bit like a birthday present, which got her excited and she drew another one just like it.

When Marlo woke up I fed her a bottle. She helped calm her down a bit, but soon lost interest and went in the other room. I heard her tapping on the front window a lot and after I was done she went down to the garage to put her shoes on and get on her bike. She had seen one of her friends out the window and drove around the cul-de-sac a bit looking for him. But he had already gone so she glumly went back to chalk.

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