August 15, 2018: When you’re a photographers child, you are often the subject of practice. I bought a prism and an orb to create some fun effects in my senior photography, and E was more than willing to stand outside and participate. I do love what it created, but I also notice in these images that I can see a glimpse of what she will look like as a grown “kid”…which is bittersweet!

Back to School

August 14, 2018: Despite the fact that E attended school all summer, the technical “back to school” day happened, and it was kinda fitting that they made it an important day. I dressed her up, rainbow (her fave) bows in her hair, and stood her in front of the preschool. But after a photo or two, she proudly said “But I want Baby Marlo to be in the photo with me, because I love her!” I melted into a puddle on the sidewalk, but managed to snag more photos too… 🙂

M’s First Lake Trip

August 11, 2018: While we didn’t make it to the lake for July 4th, we DID make it at the beginning of August! We started driving and M fell asleep (yay!)…but when she woke up it was scream-city. We had to pull off the highway by a bar to attempt comfort. Bottle? NO Diaper? NO Walk around outside? KINDA…but eventually we were back on our way. We arrived to a lovely pink sky, lots of fireworks for E to run through, and a perfect weekend away. I learned a bald eagle can SWIM, and felt way more relaxed than I ever did traveling with E as a baby! 🙂

And now for the “real” photos

M Macro

August 8, 2018: I don’t use my Macro lens very often, but it is all of those tiny baby details that are easily forgotten as they grow. I want to look at old photos and see the eyelashes, chubby fingers, and bright blue tones in her eyes.

Firehouse Visit

August 5, 2018: How amazing that our kids were able to tour a firehouse, AND see all of the things that go into being a firefighter?! We toured inside with the sleeping quarters, TV/Kitchen rooms, and then onto the trucks. They were able to hold the equipment, climb into the drivers seat, try on the uniform (me too!) and hold the fire hose. I had as much fun learning as they did! I couldn’t stop taking photos…so hold on for a LOT in this one…

Ice Skating!

August 4, 2018: My BFF is still in town, and while we did get together during the day just us two, we try to get ALL of the 830-Girls and the kids together for something as well. Amy had already promised her kids they could go ice skating…so guess what we were ALL going to do? E had never been, and while I feel somewhat confident in my own abilities I had no idea how this would go. D stayed home with M, and thus began our adventure on the ice! E handled it really well, but it was way harder on me (aka, my BACK) to help her learn. Even trying to push that “walker” around for her, or carry it off the ice when she was wanting a break, was hard work! We were both ready for the session to end, but it was pretty funny… 🙂

And if that wasn’t enough, why not end the night at an SPC Gathering…E had more kid-time that day than ever!