Toddler Tri + Wine Co

August 25, 2018: E tends to be a bit competitive, and full of energy, so a toddler-triathlon seemed like a good idea to address  both of those things! It was grouped by ages, and they did a bike/”swim” aka water-slide/run to the finish line. Chaotic-fun is what I’d call it, and E managed to stay on-track for the whole race — which is amazing because the wait to begin was really hard for her. I had to feed M in some shade because it was HOT, but E was having fun climbing a tree with D. We convinced her to come go through a water slide a few times before we left, which resulted in her completely cutting in line, going through backwards, and a big scolding/tears. We were that family leaving the park with a crying/snot-drooling child being our caboose. Oh well, I’d still like to do it again!

And if that wasn’t enough activity, I remembered there was an event at the local wine company…and with M taking a quick nap in the car we thought it wouldn’t be too bad filling some more time there. It was a bit more $$ to get in than we’d planned, and after drinks (hello, heat) and some take-home stuff…woof. We wont talk about that…but E was able to burn even more energy and I enjoyed an amazing wine slushy!

Maternity Leave Ending

August 24, 2018: As maternity leave is coming to an end I thought I should do just jot down a few things about Miss M while I’m thinking about them here.
She certainly loves chewing on her fingers; they are in her mouth all the time and lots of drool already! I can only imagine what will happen when she starts getting teeth. I love to snuggle her and fold her little ears forward so I can kiss right behind them. It’s so soft and snuggly there.
She has the best baby kicks an arm flailing ever and I love the sound when her arms hit her belly without her meaning to (like they are right now as I’m looking at her on my bed)!
Still exclusively breast-fed but I’m struggling with wanting to keep going because of the dairy-free diet and she hurts one side really bad!

Her biggest smiles are in the morning when you get her from the crib… I’m glad I took a video of it this morning. And her squawking sound with the intake of breath as she squeals it’s kind of like a pterodactyl!

She’s been a super tolerant baby this last week as I went through the craziness of trying to schedule mini-sessions while having her at home (which meant lots of MamaRoo-time and laying on the bed/her tummy) all while I’m trying to get some stuff done. Her stare when she looks at me is super intense and it has been for a long time…like she staring into my soul. She’s definitely a mommy’s girl right now!

Lake with Friends

August 19, 2019 | Our annual trip to the A-Lake House came up, and we really didn’t think too hard about taking a new baby…is that crazy?  Maybe, but let’s blame it on 2nd-kid syndrome? 🙂 We packed-up all of our stuff, made our way to the lake…and it was awesome. There was a whole new dock (that kicks ass) and the 3 big girls were all about it! Of course E was interested in testing the HIGH DIVE.  I may be writing this months later, but the part that stands out the most was E asking to jump from that high platform…and me thinking that once we got up there (together) she would change her mind. So we climbed, and she was ready…uh, what? Trying to scramble the adults with cameras/phones/video was making her impatient, but she was SURE. At just 4 years old! We jumped together, and she did it…but just that one time… 🙂  I brought a pineapple corer, which turned into a horrible mixed drink that M wouldn’t get go to waste. Then we let E take our adult-group photo…such a flattering angle and composition!

And a few cell phone images — Marlo spent most of her time inside, so she’s not in a lot of photos.  Next year baby girl!


August 15, 2018: When you’re a photographers child, you are often the subject of practice. I bought a prism and an orb to create some fun effects in my senior photography, and E was more than willing to stand outside and participate. I do love what it created, but I also notice in these images that I can see a glimpse of what she will look like as a grown “kid”…which is bittersweet!

Back to School

August 14, 2018: Despite the fact that E attended school all summer, the technical “back to school” day happened, and it was kinda fitting that they made it an important day. I dressed her up, rainbow (her fave) bows in her hair, and stood her in front of the preschool. But after a photo or two, she proudly said “But I want Baby Marlo to be in the photo with me, because I love her!” I melted into a puddle on the sidewalk, but managed to snag more photos too… 🙂