My BFF Visits

August 1, 2018: It isn’t often that my BFF is in town, but when she is we make all the arrangements we can to get together! Daytime is typically the kid-gathering, so we met up at a favorite park all of her kids plus M (E was at preschool) It was so great, I wished that she lived here all the time.  How different it would be to see each other weekly, or monthly! M absolutely hates the car seat…has since day 1. It’s fine if she falls asleep in the car, but if she wakes and you are still driving? Prepare yourself for the screaming! At least she doesn’t vomit anymore?

That evening all the women met-up at North Restaurant, and we laughed harder than I have in a long time. They are all amazing humans, and I adore them more than I can say! Our waiter “Bear” though? We do not adore him…LOL

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