Lake with Friends

August 19, 2019 | Our annual trip to the A-Lake House came up, and we really didn’t think too hard about taking a new baby…is that crazy?  Maybe, but let’s blame it on 2nd-kid syndrome? 🙂 We packed-up all of our stuff, made our way to the lake…and it was awesome. There was a whole new dock (that kicks ass) and the 3 big girls were all about it! Of course E was interested in testing the HIGH DIVE.  I may be writing this months later, but the part that stands out the most was E asking to jump from that high platform…and me thinking that once we got up there (together) she would change her mind. So we climbed, and she was ready…uh, what? Trying to scramble the adults with cameras/phones/video was making her impatient, but she was SURE. At just 4 years old! We jumped together, and she did it…but just that one time… 🙂  I brought a pineapple corer, which turned into a horrible mixed drink that M wouldn’t get go to waste. Then we let E take our adult-group photo…such a flattering angle and composition!

And a few cell phone images — Marlo spent most of her time inside, so she’s not in a lot of photos.  Next year baby girl!

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