Maternity Leave Ending

August 24, 2018: As maternity leave is coming to an end I thought I should do just jot down a few things about Miss M while I’m thinking about them here.
She certainly loves chewing on her fingers; they are in her mouth all the time and lots of drool already! I can only imagine what will happen when she starts getting teeth. I love to snuggle her and fold her little ears forward so I can kiss right behind them. It’s so soft and snuggly there.
She has the best baby kicks an arm flailing ever and I love the sound when her arms hit her belly without her meaning to (like they are right now as I’m looking at her on my bed)!
Still exclusively breast-fed but I’m struggling with wanting to keep going because of the dairy-free diet and she hurts one side really bad!

Her biggest smiles are in the morning when you get her from the crib… I’m glad I took a video of it this morning. And her squawking sound with the intake of breath as she squeals it’s kind of like a pterodactyl!

She’s been a super tolerant baby this last week as I went through the craziness of trying to schedule mini-sessions while having her at home (which meant lots of MamaRoo-time and laying on the bed/her tummy) all while I’m trying to get some stuff done. Her stare when she looks at me is super intense and it has been for a long time…like she staring into my soul. She’s definitely a mommy’s girl right now!

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