First Sleep-through-the-Night

September 21, 2018 | Baby M slept THROUGH THE NIGHT!  It is amazing what a full night of sleep can do for you…for the first time in 4+ months.  She is such a joy this girl. Full of babbles, drools, flailing arms and legs, and for the most part general contentment!  Also rolling over happened for the first time while Mom, Abbey and I were watching her on the monitor.  We were running the garage sale at Abbey’s house, so M was just on the floor in C’s room.  It was pretty funny — and ridiculous — that we watched it via a night-vision monitor. Hello 2018!

E continues to be a really great big sister. In fact, I think she assumes the role of co-parent with us more than sibling! She genuinely helps, talks to her (in the same words/tone I do), and loves on her all the time. It’s so fun, and I cannot wait to see how much better it gets as M grows. Will be she like her sister, or totally different? E is such a good kid, there’s no way that M will be as easy-going, right? 🙂

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