Snow Day!

November 25, 2018 | It’s hard to believe the day before we were enjoying the outdoors at the lake, and then Sunday arrives with TONS OF SNOW. First, images of M in E’s old jammies…just because. Again, E is a big fan and tried to “help” Dad shovel a bit. It was so deep she had a hard time getting up when she fell, while I laughed watching at the front door. Someone had to stay indoors with the baby, right? ha!


November 24, 2018 | After my family holiday, we make our way to the lake for a giant celebration of kids/food/beer/guns/4-wheelers/drones/trucks/ridiculousness…ha! And I try to get a family photo at this holiday each year as well, with whoever is at the lake. It may not always be everyone, but it’s a LOT! My drone suddenly crashed on this trip, which kinda freaked me out…and E (+ her cousin S) discovered a love of metal detecting for rusty-nails. Parents of the year over here!


November 23, 2018 | The first sister-photo-shoot that really didn’t go well. I took a couple hundred images of them together but it just wasn’t meant to be…haha! I had M in this adorable “pilgrim” outfit from Amazon, that just slayed me. After photos we went to my parents’ home per usual on Friday for lots of food and crazy-kids. Turkey-day 1, complete!

And some cell-photos too…