H Christmas!

December 25, 2018 | After a morning with our own family, it was time to prep for the mass-chaos of Dave’s family! Grandma arrived first, and E couldn’t wait to show her the ornament maker we bought. It spins a blank sphere and you hold a marker to it…which is actually really fun/relaxing! People started trickling-in with all kinds of food, and then I let them all know about the BOOTH…which was a major hit. A group this size (and personality) means a ton of great images! <full disclosure, I’m editing/posting this in 8/2019>. Great food, followed by Grandma giving the littles their stockings, and ending with the annual White Elephant exchange. It’s always hilarious, but D & I took turns taking care of M (missing some of the festivities). There are people in every possible space in the house, and of course the basement was an extreme kid-zone! When the event was over, I think we were a new-level of tired. A baby who doesn’t like to sleep, hosting two family Christmases in a row, and having our OWN holiday celebration…phew! But how amazing was the season spending it with those we love. Cheesy I know, but true 🙂

Christmas Morning!

December 25, 2018 | My favorite day of the year — Christmas! M’s first, and one brought to us by the PAW PATROL. E’s big toy-wish was the lookout tower, and her face when she opened that bag was pure joy! M didn’t really know what was going on, but she was happy to look at all of the colorful surroundings! Then we were off to church, after a phone-app-Canon-selfie of the family on the couch again. I think I accidentally started a tradition with that! 🙂

P Christmas!

December 24, 2018 | When it was determined that we would be hosting Dave’s side for Christmas, I immediately thought it would make sense to host MY family as well. Especially since I had the idea to setup a photo-booth for both gatherings! So I set it up, tested in on E, and we were ready to go. First E was able to help make the time-honored lasagna in my Grandma’s dish (+ others). It was so sweet seeing her participate in the steps, and she is in the phase of loving to HELP! M woke from her nap and managed to stick her hand in the dish too… 🙂 We enjoyed an amazing dinner, snapped a ton of photos (the focus failed on me for a chunk), and then opened gifts in the living room. The kids were so darn excited, and M was happy to munch on wrapping paper! Christmas is the best!