M <3 Rug

January 19, 2019 | When you finally replace a 10+ year old rug in your house, and it really brings out the blue in baby’s eyes… 🙂 Plus E pushing M around in the walker is just something I never want to forget!

Snow Sisters

January 14, 2019 | All of the snow was so thick, it was sticking to all of the trees in a way that was just incredible. So I decided to bring both girls to this spot I shoot at often for some snow photos! E is well-practiced, and game for anything. Poor M at just 8-months old had no idea what was going on. She wanted to touch the snow, but those poor hands were freezing/red! Carrying all of the stuff we needed and a baby on my hip…then E needed to be carried over the mount of snow to get to the path…we had to be the wildest/insane sight! But…worth it…

Snow at Night

January 11, 2019 | We had a TON of snow this month, and it was so peaceful to have M look out the window and watch. It was coming down super thick on this particular night…which made me spring into action with a ziploc bag over my flash on a stand! M was already in bed, but I asked E if she wanted to put on all of her snow-gear and play outside for a few minutes. My parents were over, and watched us from the front window…it probably looked crazy. But the photos feel like they are from another world!