Annual V-Day Minis

January 28, 2019 | E has been having these Valentine’s Day minis done since she was a baby…so what an amazing treat to add M to the mix! They both were obsessed with the necklaces, and Leigh had a “girl-power” balloon for them to play with too. We were done in about 15-minutes, and I loved seeing how thrilled E was to share the spotlight…and even happier to see Captain the Cat again… 😉 M even rocked the wings I had for E at that age!

Baptism for M

January 27, 2019 | We suddenly realized that M was several months old, and Baptism hadn’t happened yet…knowing that we have this specially-made gown (from Grandma’s wedding dress) we had to take quick action! Luckily once the holidays wound down we had a date to host a celebration and ceremony in our wedding church! Thanks to my Mom and Aunt Susan for grabbing my camera for ceremony/family images…and seeing that sweet little baby in a baptism cap just melts my heart!

Anthro Hat

January 25, 2019 | I have this hat from Anthropologie that was briefly used for my business. When E was a tot, I placed this hat on her and snapped some of my fave pics of her EVER in my room. I found it when I was cleaning out a bunch of clothing, and realized I wanted to somewhat recreate the image with M at the approx the same age. And just like her big sister, she delivered some amazing faces for it!

the Chiefs Game

January 20, 2019 | When your team makes it to the playoffs for the first time in YEARS, you dress in red and gather together for a big watch party! We cheered, we snapped a couple family photos on the deck, and then we cried as the Chiefs lost their chance to go to the SuperBowl in the final minutes of the game. But at least we had a lot of balloons for the littlest to play with…? <sob>

M <3 Rug

January 19, 2019 | When you finally replace a 10+ year old rug in your house, and it really brings out the blue in baby’s eyes… 🙂 Plus E pushing M around in the walker is just something I never want to forget!