May 10, 2018 | After weeks of praying/wishing/hoping that this baby would come early — a regular appointment this morning just changed all of that.  Somehow in the span of one week, at close to 39 weeks, baby has flipped to the breech position.  HOW?!  There isn’t SUPPOSED to be room in there for a flip…and then there’s talk of this “Version” procedure where they’ll manually manipulate my belly from the outside and try to get the head-down.  It was all overwhelming — enough to make me start breathing faster and sweat on the exam table.  Not because I’m worried about me, or really a C-section…but more worried about BABY.  If I go into labor this weekend (Mother’s Day Weekend) will we make it to the hospital on time that it’ll be safe?  And if the procedure does work, I asked if the induction could still take place (to avoid a second-flip)?  Thankfully, yes.  Geez the emotions!

I know that it will all be ok, and things will work out.  This little one has just kept us on our toes the ENTIRE pregnancy, in ways I didn’t even think were possible.  The beginning was pelvic-pain all the time, then back-pain, then vericose veins requiring compression tights, quickly followed by needing a belly band (that I destroy the velcro in NO TIME)…BUT, all this to welcome a sweet little one into our arms, and for E to finally have that role of BIG SISTER.  This blip in time will be long forgotten soon enough… 🙂

Park Day

May 6, 2018 | On Sunday, again still trying to do all that we can as a family of 3, we thought it would be fun to see the major renovation this park just had!  A whole new “town” section, and the best part for this Momma was all the shaded seating… 🙂  I did my best to keep up/walk around a lot, but I did spend most of my time sitting/watching D and E explore the park.

For some reason, I thought Winsteads sounded good — and it has to have been a decade since I ate there or more?  No clue, but we ran with it and I ordered a cherry limeade.  When this arrived at our table, E basically claimed it for her own…ha!  I didn’t remember them looking like this!

A quick run to Costco led to this purchase — a shaded hammock that I could actually get in/out of!  E wants to be outside all the time, and I’ve been sitting indoors while D has to be the supervising adult.  She also thought that it looked super comfy, so she was the first tester.  I love it…totally worth just $60!

I guess since Winter stuck around so long, we are jumping right into Summer?  It was getting HOT, and what better way to burn more toddler energy than the sprinkler!  This kid is a riot… 🙂

Dirt Bike Track

May 5, 2018 | Hobbling around towards the end of this pregnancy means we are limited a bit on the weekend activities…which is fine, and D has been just INCREDIBLE taking over a lot of the things that E needs.  One of the things I really wanted to take her to do was a ride on this pump-track at a local park.  I’ve seen kids on it, and while there may be some steep hills I had a feeling she would just love it.  WOW did she ever!  There were some spills, but not once did it stop her/cause tears…she wanted to keep going, and managed to get faster with each lap.  That sweaty-face took a quick snack break, and then she was back at it!  It was the longest I’ve seen her “balance” (in the gaps between hills) and she was really sad to leave.  But I know we will go back this Summer sometime!

Cell phone pics/videos

2018-05-05 10.35.57

EV Day at the Zoo

April 22, 2018 | When D mentioned there was going to be a special event at the zoo for EV owners, I was a little skeptical. But, in the name of “enjoying all the days I can as a family of three” I agreed to attend! They were opening early this Sunday morning, with a free brunch and pass for entry/train/tram…perfect!  Until the forecast said RAIN.  I have a need to sit down a LOT these days, and having wet-benches/rocks for seating wasn’t ideal.  But we managed to get around ok and D took the lead to make sure that E got to do all that she wanted! I’m glad we went, and the sun did eventually peek out onto our day which was really nice.  I think E just remembers that we had to stop at Target for a rain jacket…of course this year I didn’t get her one because we’ve never really used the ones I bought past seasons!  But this one is awesome, and can be used by little bro/sis when they wear a 4T.  Oh, and she’ll talk about the puddles…forever.  She walked through each and every one that we passed, thanks to her rain boots… 🙂

Maternity Photos

April 16, 2018 | After numerous reschedules hoping for the flowering trees, I finally decided that no matter what we were going to take them on this day. The location has special meaning, because it was where I spent a lot of time after our loss a year+ ago. I thought that it would bring everything full-circle to capture this pregnancy in the same physical place that brought so much heartache before.  But it still worked…even though the trees weren’t flowering, a nearby tree was, and it was a lovely sunny-day for photos.  I love them…and this lovely life we have created.