Mommy Day

February 5, 2018 | After a long weekend spent at home, I knew Monday had to involve adventure. Freezing cold temps meant we had to think indoors, & with the flu being EXTRA awful this year, I didn’t want to do a toddler open-gym or anything. Why not try the mall? PERFECT. E negotiated “no nap if we go out in the world” and I was happy to oblige. Carousel, Disney Store, kid play area (mostly empty) and a fantastic lunch at a cafe I love…it was really nice. I was exhausted for sure at the end of the day, but we both just had FUN!

Snow Fun!

February 4, 2018 | A surprise snow of several inches means E is at the window begging to go play outside. She actually did shovel for a little bit, but she prefers to throw snow at D’s phone/face…or push him into the snow… 🙂  I watched/laughed from the window and had to bust-out the camera (and new 135MM lens). Her joy was infectious!

Home Depot Kids

February 3, 2017 | A free apron, with PIN showing your project, and official certificate, why not bring toddlers together to weld tools and build! I’ll spare the sound of this small room…ha! And I think we actually played the game once in the aisle, but since coming home it’s been a ramp for her PawPatrol and dinos…

Hiding in the Rugs

January 17, 2018 | Those scary-parent moments happen here and there, & I knew it was only a matter of time until we needed to have a talk about hiding from me in a store. We began playing in the rug-display (she was a cat, of course) and it was a perfect area to hide in. I told her to stay in the rugs, but of course she was having so much fun she disappeared. I was crawling around in all of the rugs looking for her, calling her name, imagining all of the worst-case scenarios. Several minutes passed, when I finally spotted her several aisles away. She had wandered into the chair section for an even BETTER place. I think she knew from my face that I was not having any fun, and I hugged her SO TIGHT. Long conversation after that had to happen, and she apologized a lot. Parenthood is not for the faint of heart!

Ballet Class #2

January 16, 2018 | Well, second class was a stark contrast to the first. We started out well with the preschool pick-up, getting to the CC, and changing into her new pink leotard/tights. But as the littles were running the hallway, E started following-suit…but on all fours.  I asked her TWICE to run on 2 feet instead, and soon after another little girl tripped over a crouching-E and they both crashed to the floor. E’s head was forced into the hard ground, and there were instant tears. She didn’t really recover the whole class…and I knew as soon as she came out she’d be full-meltdown. Which happened. Poor kid! But I’m hoping this was a good learning experience about running around like a CAT. She always seems to have to learn through injury vs. my words! We talked about it a lot on the drive home, and we decided that next week will be MUCH better… 🙂

SkyZone + Paw Patrol

January 14, 2018 | Winter means finding all sorts of ways to let your kid release energy, without being exposed to TOO many flu germs…and that brought us to Sky Zone for toddler-jump on this particular Sunday morning. E was THRILLED to meet Chase and Marshall, and we groaned at the blaring kid-music over the loudspeakers the whole time. 🙂

First Ballet Class

January 9, 2018 | Being a dancer most of my life, I was so excited for E to attend her first ballet class. We did a low-commitment, community center “session” just to give it a try, and I used her gymnastic leotard with a new skirt/ballet shoes from Target (used regular tights, oops). She was acting pretty excited, and I was only a little worried that she wouldn’t want to because it’s after a full day of preschool. But she ran in with the amazing teacher, and followed directions so well! I’m the weird-o mom who brought her real camera to shoot through the door during class — while carefully avoiding too much hovering — and made a dance bag from my fave photo below…!