GGPa 93rd Birthday!

May 26, 2018 | What an amazing man he is — my Grandpa, the littles’ Great-Grandpa — and how lucky we are to be celebrating his ninety-third birthday!  The kids were crazy, and loud, but we managed to wrangle them into a photo on the couch QUICKLY.  Ha!  Between the books, brain teasers and wine, he had all his favorites covered.  E also wrote his name on the gift bag…I just had to audibly spell it out and she wrote it on her own.  I was incredibly proud, so it needed a photo of its own!

C’s 2nd Birthday/Mother’s Day

May 13, 3018 | Little C LOVES Moana right now, so it was only fitting that her 2nd birthday party feature PINK and tropical themes!  You can tell that she really “gets” birthdays this year… 🙂  The kiddos loved throwing the balloons in the air, and the leis were a big hit for all.  I was SO pregnant that I only took photos from the couch…and thanks to A’s planning we were able to combine the party AND Mother’s Day because of my physical state.  I can’t do a whole lot (ie I missed the CF walk the day before)!

After finding out baby was breech, and planning on having the baby Tuesday, we took a few last photos.  WHOA that belly!!  That’s wearing compression tights AND a support band…eesh.

D Birthday

April 11, 2018 | Thanks to a photo-workshop on the ACTUAL day, I asked D if we could celebrate a day early with a dinner out. He chose BBQ, and we agreed that I would pick-up E and meet him there.  I remembered that it was PJ-day at preschool that day, and brought a change of clothes…but did E want them? NOPE! I didn’t have the energy to battle her on that — so I brushed her crazy hair, ran her to pick balloons and a cupcake, and walked into the restaurant exhausted. Ha! Around 34-weeks pregnant makes errands seem like running a 5K!  But one of the gifts was a book she wrote about all the things she loves to do with her Daddy.  The library, charging his car, etc…it’s adorable!

4th Birthday Party!

February 17, 2018 | Saturday morning my grand-plan was to only have to blow-up balloons with our helium tank…and it actually HAPPENED. Dave helped a ton since I’m feeling rather large these days, the casseroles were in the oven and way too much food was set out for our guests… 🙂  K brought in Big Horny Sara and I thought E’s heart was going to explode. This thing has been passed through multiple families since it’s original purchase 10-years ago, and it’s amazing! You ride/feed/pet Sara, and it was a huge hit at the party. In order for the adults to eat, I printed some coloring pages and bought boxes of crayons from the Dollar Tree. WIN! Once everyone had eaten it was game-time — Tricera-TOSS and the Punch-Game both went over really well, with candy/tiny dinos for prizes. Present time was a total whirlwind where E was opening/tossing presents faster than I could even process who gave what! We need to work on that for next year…ooof. Singing while this crazy candle was also playing music was hilarious, and our nephew Ryan had to take it out back and cut the wires to make it stop. Rainbow cake with rainbow sprinkles, and my favorite cookies on the planet were as much for ME as they were for E… 🙂

After everyone left and the party was picked-up, E negotiated her way out of an afternoon nap — which (I say) means we have to go out INTO THE WORLD. So despite the cold weather we thought a trip to the park would be nice, and that way I could get some photos of E with her leftover balloons AND a family photo (since we forgot at the party). Grandma did a great job grabbing that! After some climbing it was time to head home…it was really a BLAST, and worth all of the hard work!

A 4th & a 60th Birthday Party

September 23, 2017 | After the festival, E donned her face-paint for Sierra’s 4th birthday party!  Jamie did an amazing job planning B’s 1-yr party first, then right at nap it was time to start the 4th b-day.  This experience completely blew E’s mind on what a birthday party can be.  Games? PARTY DRESS?!  She loved all of it, and continues to talk about what her own party needs to be…ha!  My Little Pony/Barbie party, and the coolest part is the cake…it’s the exact mold/colors/figures that Jamie had for HER 4th birthday party!

As if the day wasn’t busy enough, we made our way out South to celebrate Mark’s 60th birthday party!  Tons of food/beer, polaroid images taken in the barn, and E running around in the dark with glow-bracelets around her ankles.  Child safety, ya know? 🙂  The dump-truck full of rocks was her favorite.

B’s 3rd Birthday Party

July 8, 2017 | Pizzas, fire engines, ice cream cake…oh, and CARS! A perfect day for B. 🙂  E couldn’t have been any closer to the gift-opening if she tried. I love seeing her grow up/comprehend what’s going on (she only pulled out ONE of his gifts from the bag), and make sure he played with the toys first before her turn. Pat was so nice, she brought a gift for E as well; a Minion! I think we may have to show E the movie tonight now…

J whipped-up an incredible Whiskey/Aperol drink — before we ate lunch #PARTY. After all of the food/gifts we let the kiddos loose in the backyard with the pool/slides/water table. C just wanted to dive her face into the pool, so everyone was on high-alert with her! B took a fall that we thought might be serious, but after throwing a balloon at me while I was holding the ice on his knee the tears stopped completely…stinker… 🙂  Such a fun family day with the whole crew!

Great-Grandpa’s 92nd Birthday

May 26, 2017 | Turning 92 is a BIG DEAL, so we thought we should take three little kids to a sophisticated/higher-end restaurant…ha! Etch-a-Sketch was surprisingly fun for the toddlers…and great-grandpa… 🙂 Overall they did ok, but E had her share of tantrums and Cha-Cha just didn’t want to be confined. At least one kiddo made it to the candle & singing! Thankful for a hostess that didn’t mind coming outdoors to take a group photo…inside it was SO DARK I couldn’t do it at the table. I only had to swap two heads in the group, and remove a handicap sign! #worthit

We got home and E really wanted to play by the pond in her party dress. Red is currently her favorite color, and GGpa gave her one of his balloons to keep. She can look so innocent sometimes, right?