A 4th & a 60th Birthday Party

September 23, 2017 | After the festival, E donned her face-paint for Sierra’s 4th birthday party!  Jamie did an amazing job planning B’s 1-yr party first, then right at nap it was time to start the 4th b-day.  This experience completely blew E’s mind on what a birthday party can be.  Games? PARTY DRESS?!  She loved all of it, and continues to talk about what her own party needs to be…ha!  My Little Pony/Barbie party, and the coolest part is the cake…it’s the exact mold/colors/figures that Jamie had for HER 4th birthday party!

As if the day wasn’t busy enough, we made our way out South to celebrate Mark’s 60th birthday party!  Tons of food/beer, polaroid images taken in the barn, and E running around in the dark with glow-bracelets around her ankles.  Child safety, ya know? 🙂  The dump-truck full of rocks was her favorite.

B’s 3rd Birthday Party

July 8, 2017 | Pizzas, fire engines, ice cream cake…oh, and CARS! A perfect day for B. 🙂  E couldn’t have been any closer to the gift-opening if she tried. I love seeing her grow up/comprehend what’s going on (she only pulled out ONE of his gifts from the bag), and make sure he played with the toys first before her turn. Pat was so nice, she brought a gift for E as well; a Minion! I think we may have to show E the movie tonight now…

J whipped-up an incredible Whiskey/Aperol drink — before we ate lunch #PARTY. After all of the food/gifts we let the kiddos loose in the backyard with the pool/slides/water table. C just wanted to dive her face into the pool, so everyone was on high-alert with her! B took a fall that we thought might be serious, but after throwing a balloon at me while I was holding the ice on his knee the tears stopped completely…stinker… 🙂  Such a fun family day with the whole crew!

Great-Grandpa’s 92nd Birthday

May 26, 2017 | Turning 92 is a BIG DEAL, so we thought we should take three little kids to a sophisticated/higher-end restaurant…ha! Etch-a-Sketch was surprisingly fun for the toddlers…and great-grandpa… 🙂 Overall they did ok, but E had her share of tantrums and Cha-Cha just didn’t want to be confined. At least one kiddo made it to the candle & singing! Thankful for a hostess that didn’t mind coming outdoors to take a group photo…inside it was SO DARK I couldn’t do it at the table. I only had to swap two heads in the group, and remove a handicap sign! #worthit

We got home and E really wanted to play by the pond in her party dress. Red is currently her favorite color, and GGpa gave her one of his balloons to keep. She can look so innocent sometimes, right?

E’s Third Birthday

February 18, 2017 | Goodness — she’s THREE. The beginning seemed to move slow, yet now it’s just flying by! We kept it simple again this year with just family, and my friend Brie made her cake/cupcakes perfect. I met her at the Dollar Tree that morning to grab the cakes, while also picking up $1-filled balloons…win. Moana, Paw Patrol, Clarence the Dino (named because after Valentine’s Day, I found him on the Clearance rack) and more. She was seriously thrilled with everything! And what’s a family gathering without mandatory group photos with toddlers? FUN FOR ALL!

I’m not sure WHY I didn’t use my real camera to take pics while we were singing to her. Maybe I was actually enjoying the moment??? Imagine that! After the party (and a nap) we rode to a nearby neighborhood to play on their playground. She just wanted to pretend that she was trapped and monsters were after her (mostly Dave and I). It was a fantastic day!

Nana Birthday

January 8, 2017 | It took us awhile to celebrate Mom/Nana’s birthday — 12/26 is the date — but December is inherently busy so January had to work. Ironically I have no photos of MOM from this family gathering, just the kids being silly.

For a gift, we thought we were so smart getting us tickets to see Travis Wall and his dance company downtown (purchased months prior). She opened the envelope and saw the below image, then sadly let us know that she would be out of town for Spring Break! 😦 If we had done her party on TIME it would have been before they planned their trip!  (My friend Heather ended up filling-in for us). Oh well, Happy Birthday Mom!

Baby N’s First Birthday Party

December 31, 2016 | L & M throw some pretty awesome parties, and when their little Nat turned 1 this was no exception.  We are talking BALLOON DROP people!  Such a cool feature for all of the kiddos.  E talked about it for days after — she stood under those balloons with New Years glasses on and arms outstretched/ready.  Nat wasn’t too impressed with our birthday-song singing, but enjoyed the cake. 🙂

Now for some cell phone pics: