July 18, 2017 | D and I like to plan these little “Days of Fun” and decided it was overdue. And who doesn’t want to start their day at a craft store picking up some more yarn?! D is such a good sport… 🙂 I needed some more fluffy yarn for crochet water balloons.

We hadn’t been to the new Boulevard Visitors Center, so that was basically our only plan! We arrived pretty early, and snagged the last two spots on the tour. Even though we know so much about Boulevard, it’s so great to just hang out and enjoy the beer!  I also have a favorite image of D taken ever… 🙂

As if the day wasn’t fun enough, Jennifer was back in town to see Sarah before she returned to Kenya, so we had a quick ladies-dinner at Unforked. I’m so glad I got to see her so many times on her trip back home!

10-Year Wedding Anniversary

June 29, 2017 | TEN…YEARS. How is that even possible? It’s been the most amazing time ever…so many adventures and memories. So we had to make some more, with an overnight downtown at the Hotel Phillips.  First, a photo from the big day that always makes me smile…and he sent me flowers too!

First stop, dropping-off this crazy kids with her grandparents…and she brought her newest stuffed animal Poosha. (sidenote: she names most of her animals starting with the letter “P”)

We dropped-off our luggage, and had ZERO plans for the night.  So not like me at all!  But I kinda liked just walking around to various fancy drink spots for small plates and $12 cocktails. I totally nerded-out and photographed our drinks!  I also brought some sentimental items with the big plan that we would find a shop with a small cake. BUT…everything closed by the time we were walking back to the room! So the knife we cut our wedding cake with went unused. However the LED necklaces that I bought for the whole wedding party? I still had our two…and they totally lit up! We also drank a bottle of crappy-wine from that night — which tasted pretty bad — but what an awesome night.  Damn I love that guy! 🙂

Day Date

May 4, 2016 | D & I decided that we needed another day-date, where we can just relax and spend some time together.  The morning was lazy, but we knew we wanted some good BBQ and to attend a Royals game.  If you get to KC Joe’s before 11:30 AM the line isn’t bad and moves pretty quick, so we had our food.  After a leisure drive downtown to the stadium, we had plenty of time to relax and eat/drink in the parking lot.  I might have done some crochet too (livin’ it UP I tell you)…but a couple beers later it was time to head in.  And after the first inning we were losing by…six?  The shade was so cold, and it was a school-day-at-the-K, so kids literally everywhere.  D’s favorite part was when Hosmer went up to bat all of the girls squealed… 🙂

2016-05-04 13.45.30 2016-05-04 13.52.47

We still managed to stay for most of the game, but eventually we were cutting it close for daycare pick-up time.  We grabbed E and made our way home for some backyard play. She grabbed her beloved tutu, and a random winter hat, and we were outside.  Toddler fashion at its finest!

2016-05-04 17.32.04-1 2016-05-04 17.35.09-2 2016-05-04 17.36.10 HDR-2 2016-05-04 17.36.58 2016-05-04 17.41.23 HDR-2 2016-05-04 17.46.36 2016-05-04 18.25.35

A Nice Little Saturday (no BB&B)

April 9, 2016 | The 2nd Annual “Rock the Belleview” was beginning early at 7 AM, but seeing as that is at least a 30-min drive from our house, we knew we wouldn’t arrive anywhere close to that time. Instead we chose to arrive just a few minutes before the fun was over.  Toddlers, right?  But we still got to witness the O Family and their FIVE kiddos. The boys were all about the beer keg, and asked us about 10 times if we wanted more beer.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they were sneaking some and saying “YUM!”  Did I mention it was also FREEZING outside?2016-04-09 10.29.57-1 2016-04-09 10.51.03-1-1 2016-04-09 10.51.14-1

Since we were up North, we figured why not head to a park that’s new to E (kill some time), and try to phone some friends to meet up for lunch!  The A-clan are often game for a gathering, which meant the E-girls were going to be reunited for some fun

2016-04-09 11.38.35 2016-04-09 11.45.23-1 2016-04-09 13.31.59-2

Seriously…the cuteness…!

2016-04-09 13.35.54 HDR-2-1 2016-04-09 13.36.01-1

That night was a date night with the Dinner Lab.  The food was absolutely incredible this round, with a Game of Thrones theme.  Little did we know at the time, but this would be our final meal…since DL had to shut down.  BOO!

2016-04-09 22.22.47

Glen Phillips Concert

February 20, 2016 | As if hosting a birthday party wasn’t enough, D and I made plans to attend this super-tiny-venue concert by one of my all time favorites, Glen Phillips.  WOW. I believe the chapel sat 70?  And there was just a single mic, he could see all of us clearly, and there was this ease of conversation that I just loved.  We got there a little late so we were in the last row, but I definitely hope we get to see another show there.  Date night!

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