Park Day

May 6, 2018 | On Sunday, again still trying to do all that we can as a family of 3, we thought it would be fun to see the major renovation this park just had!  A whole new “town” section, and the best part for this Momma was all the shaded seating… 🙂  I did my best to keep up/walk around a lot, but I did spend most of my time sitting/watching D and E explore the park.

For some reason, I thought Winsteads sounded good — and it has to have been a decade since I ate there or more?  No clue, but we ran with it and I ordered a cherry limeade.  When this arrived at our table, E basically claimed it for her own…ha!  I didn’t remember them looking like this!

A quick run to Costco led to this purchase — a shaded hammock that I could actually get in/out of!  E wants to be outside all the time, and I’ve been sitting indoors while D has to be the supervising adult.  She also thought that it looked super comfy, so she was the first tester.  I love it…totally worth just $60!

I guess since Winter stuck around so long, we are jumping right into Summer?  It was getting HOT, and what better way to burn more toddler energy than the sprinkler!  This kid is a riot… 🙂

EV Day at the Zoo

April 22, 2018 | When D mentioned there was going to be a special event at the zoo for EV owners, I was a little skeptical. But, in the name of “enjoying all the days I can as a family of three” I agreed to attend! They were opening early this Sunday morning, with a free brunch and pass for entry/train/tram…perfect!  Until the forecast said RAIN.  I have a need to sit down a LOT these days, and having wet-benches/rocks for seating wasn’t ideal.  But we managed to get around ok and D took the lead to make sure that E got to do all that she wanted! I’m glad we went, and the sun did eventually peek out onto our day which was really nice.  I think E just remembers that we had to stop at Target for a rain jacket…of course this year I didn’t get her one because we’ve never really used the ones I bought past seasons!  But this one is awesome, and can be used by little bro/sis when they wear a 4T.  Oh, and she’ll talk about the puddles…forever.  She walked through each and every one that we passed, thanks to her rain boots… 🙂

D Birthday

April 11, 2018 | Thanks to a photo-workshop on the ACTUAL day, I asked D if we could celebrate a day early with a dinner out. He chose BBQ, and we agreed that I would pick-up E and meet him there.  I remembered that it was PJ-day at preschool that day, and brought a change of clothes…but did E want them? NOPE! I didn’t have the energy to battle her on that — so I brushed her crazy hair, ran her to pick balloons and a cupcake, and walked into the restaurant exhausted. Ha! Around 34-weeks pregnant makes errands seem like running a 5K!  But one of the gifts was a book she wrote about all the things she loves to do with her Daddy.  The library, charging his car, etc…it’s adorable!

KSU Open House

April 7, 2018 | Free events can be a little crazy, but we knew that this one was well organized, and had a good possibility to see Willie the Wildcat…so off we went!  After a bath with goggles of course…

After the event, the weather was finally warming up a bit so we took E to a playground (also for me to check-out some trees and their flower-status) and then to D&D for a nice lunch.  I laughed that it may be the first time someone has been reading Pinkalicious in that particular chain! 🙂

Easter | D’s Family

April 1, 2018 | Easter landed on April Fools Day this year — and it was freezing cold! E woke up rather early and climbed into bed with her new Turquoise Bunny, where I snapped a photo or two.  She had to wait for us to be ready for our own egg hunt downstairs, and see what the Easter Bunny had brought her!

Then it was time for another egg-hunt…the Bunny just leaves a few special eggs at our house, and it was a challenging hunt around the main floor for sure!

Knowing we had a big afternoon, I didn’t attend mass with Dave.  Pregnancy-discomfort is REAL PEOPLE.  I just didn’t know if I could do the amount of standing in one spot that church required, so I dressed her (super-warm) and then asked her for a quick photo. I’ve had this dress for over a year, hoping she would wear it for this Easter! Little did I know she would need tights, winter boots, and a cardigan thanks to the weather!

Then it was time to gather with the family — full celebration for Grandma’s 85th birthday, wasabi pickles, and tons of food.  And thanks to sickness (O & B), a new baby (C & new-C) the only hunters this year were E AND S.  So crazy!  The amount of stuff they each gathered was staggering…glad they were able to bring things home to their cousins… 🙂  And this was the year of the new marker-egg-decorating-contraption that the adults enjoyed as much as the kids.  I had to photograph the egg that made me laugh the most.

Easter | My Family

March 31, 2018 | Easter Egg hunt #3 for E was at Nana and Papa’s house — and while they started off looking so SWEET…as soon as we said Ready, Set, GO the competition was on for the 2 big cousins.  C wasn’t exactly sure why they suddenly ran away, but I think next year she’ll be running too… 🙂

Next it was time to check out all the loot — and sneak some bites of candy. Mom went all out on the baskets — one for hunting, one with gifts.  The grandkids were in HEAVEN, and the bunnies were a big hit with the girls.  WaterWow was also a quiet-maker…just look at ALL THREE of them painting away in silence!!  I didn’t get any photos with adults…oops!

And some cell phone images too… 🙂

Good Friday

March 30, 2018 | Every year D has Good Friday off from work, so we try to plan something fun to do. Seeing as E’s “only-child” status is expiring soon, we thought we’d finally take her to the Natural History Museum in Lawrence.  It’s not too far, and we could do minimal walking I hoped?  First up was lunch at one of my fave spots there…where she ate more than I did by a landslide… 🙂

Then it was off to the museum on-campus.  We parked at the Union, and as we walked by the Jayhawk statue (& a large group of students) she suddenly says “EEEW STINKY JAYHAWK!!!” and we couldn’t help but laugh.  Secretly proud of our little Wildcat 🙂  The museum was good, probably was awesome 30-years ago, but she’s kinda spoiled by the very interactive dino-museums close by. So a building with a bunch of statues behind glass wasn’t as impressive to this toddler… 🙂  But it was still a lot of fun!  And her eye drops glow in a black light — which was a shocking discovery BTW!

After the museum we thought she’d like some outdoor time, so we let her run around a playground for a bit before getting some ice cream (because…well, PREGNANT).  Which resulted in a car-nap, for the first time in ages.