Home Depot Kids

February 3, 2017 | A free apron, with PIN showing your project, and official certificate, why not bring toddlers together to weld tools and build! I’ll spare the sound of this small room…ha! And I think we actually played the game once in the aisle, but since coming home it’s been a ramp for her PawPatrol and dinos…

Social Media Announcement

February 2, 2018 | We finally made the news public to the interwebs — at 24 weeks along. I debated even posting it, but having a business that relies on social media to attract clients made the decision for me. This was the post on Instagram and FB:

“It is with a joyous heart, we share the news we are expecting a little one in May. While this is truly happy and exciting, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention/send a prayer to anyone facing hardships growing your own family. Last year was an incredibly rough road of heartache & loss. Without so many of you being an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on, I wouldn’t be sharing this news today.  We are incredibly grateful, and look forward to meeting this boy/girl in the Spring!”

SkyZone + Paw Patrol

January 14, 2018 | Winter means finding all sorts of ways to let your kid release energy, without being exposed to TOO many flu germs…and that brought us to Sky Zone for toddler-jump on this particular Sunday morning. E was THRILLED to meet Chase and Marshall, and we groaned at the blaring kid-music over the loudspeakers the whole time. 🙂

Jurassic Quest

January 6, 2018 | VIP ticket for E, standard ticket for us, parking fee, and a $15 dino balloon…but she had so…much…FUN. We would do it again in a heartbeat! We had planned on getting there early, but E has been taking her time in the mornings these days. I believe we arrived around 10:30 AM or so? Which meant the height of business at this evening downtown, and lots of lines. First we walked through the dino-robots, which are actually really cool. We certainly can’t take the time to READ all of the info about them, because she is running on to the next one…but I’m still impressed she wasn’t afraid. The second area was devoted to rides/bounce houses/shows, where D and I basically took turns waiting in lines. D waited at the front of a show, while I had E in line to ride a dino. Of course the moment she sat in the saddle, the show began just a few feet away and that was all she cared about! Bounce houses everywhere, again with lines and then a 3-minute countdown of bounce-time. But I thought the funniest part were these go-cart/dinos…which E ran into the wall during her time! She was in love with the dino-balloon, and it lasted at our house for WEEKS… 🙂

Cell phone photos too — lighting was REALLY rough in that place!

Christmas Day

December 25, 2017 | Christmas is my favorite — in fact as the day approaches I start to get sad that it’s about to end! This was the most magical Christmas yet for E, and while we got up early to shower/dress for church, she slept until we woke her up, and had to practically hold her back from the living room so I could get into place. I said she could enter, and she RAN right in! Seeing the pink unicorn first, she ran to pick it up and heard a MEOW from one of the wrapped boxes…her face was puzzled/excited (D took video), but we directed her to the stocking. She gets to open the stocking and ONE gift before church, which is so hard on a kid! But the meowing continued so we let her open that one. Bootsie is her big gift this year, and she LOVES that robot cat. After church we returned to the house to open the rest of her gifts, grab a few timer-family-photos, and play before D’s family gathering! Mosby even received a slew of toys…picked by E. 🙂

The big task at this years’ family gathering was a giant family photo — believe it or not, ALL 35 PEOPLE were going to attend…so I took it upon myself to organize a family pic. A FB-event, plus mass-texts ahead of time had people ready to go, and I just had AJ snap it from the deck looking down at the whole crew.  The final image only required 6 head-swaps, but it’s so great! E wasn’t really into the LOUD party, and played in the basement by herself. We searched for her Hatchimals for 10 minutes which solidified that those little things are never leaving the house again…!

Christmas Eve-Eve

December 23, 2017 | This year the calendar had us celebrating my family’s Christmas on Eve-Eve! Which worked pretty well, as it allowed for the whole day together…and some quick photos of the whole crew (darn ladder couldn’t get all of our feet in the timer-shot)! We made the traditional Italian lasagna, and E couldn’t stop asking about when it was present time…guess we gotta work on that. It was so chaotic passing out presents that I barely took any photos. E got some really great thoughtful gifts and never wanted to leave! But the jammie-photo had to happen at the end, and all of the adults helped to get those kids smilin’. E wouldn’t even set down her new dino!

G Kid Event & Luminary Walk

December 2, 2017 | D’s company puts together a kid event each year at an arcade, where the kids can meet Santa and we walk out with a printed photo or two. E was super excited to talk to Santa this year, and the fact that we were going to a “party” made her extra excited. The noise level was a bit insane, but it was a pretty good morning.

After a LONG nap (for E and I), we decided to head to the Luminary Walk. Hot coco was the ticket to convince E. It’d been a few years since our rough experience when she was a baby, and now that the event is over multiple weekends we figured let’s go! The car made it about a mile out from the entrance when traffic backed-up. Dave was NOT thrilled about the waiting, but we really had nowhere else to be so I convinced him this was happening… 🙂  After 20-minutes passed to get in, we were finally walking to the event.  This year they spread the gnome houses out a lot, along a much wider path, which fixed the biggest issue from the time we went before!  E walked most of the time by herself, was INFATUATED with the Opera-singing-Santa, downed her warm-cider, and ran to every light feature she saw. Pure heaven for this busy toddler. We ended up walking out to the car singing “Jingle Bells” while E had the hiccups… 🙂

ETA: Dave didn’t bring a coat, and regretted it IMMEDIATELY.  That night, E decided to vomit everywhere at 3 AM…joy!