Renn Fest!

September 9, 2018: As if yesterday wasn’t enough, my parents had the idea to take the big kids to our local Renn Fest today! I hadn’t been in AGES, but I figured E would enjoy the rides/plays/etc.  There was zero hesitation for any rides, but cousin B wasn’t into it. He’s a bit wary! The thing that stands out the most was her jumping on the trampoline-rig…and I made sure she got the most kid-friendly guy while she was waiting in line. He helped ease her worry, and made it so much FUN! She was flying, and I was incredibly proud of her. She’s always up for anything! Except a princess-hat…sorry mom! At the end we found a ride that B would do, and then he was ready for more (esp with Papa joining in)… 🙂

Gangsta Tour, Etc

September 8, 2018: This is a big year for our group of friends…all the guys are turning FORTY! While there is a great trip on the horizon, we are still celebrating the actual days. For Joel, Kristen arranged a Gangsta Bus Tour! It was wonderfully-cheesy, and the “host” really sold the whole thing well. K was fully prepared with a portable bar in her backpack…so much fun!

Then I developed an obsession with BIRD SCOOTERS. Only three of us rode from the bus drop to the bar (biker-gang-name TBD) but most everyone came outside to give it a try. They are POWERFUL! And a blast…

And if that wasn’t enough in a day, why not hit the Fall Carnival in our city that night with the kids?! The night ended with me feeding M in the car (closely parked, thanks Electric) and Dave having to drag E away from a concert to head home. Fantastic day!

Birthday Brunch

September 1, 2018: The whole crew wanted to try a new breakfast place, so why not for my birthday? The big kids had crowns, and the adults had alcohol…perfect! 🙂 At the end I kicked a family off the bench for our group-shot…oops?  #sorrynotsorry  Afterwards Mom, Sister and I went shopping for the rest of the day…with Marlo…! I never would have tackled that with E at this age, but I fed/changed her in dressing rooms and she napped as we walked the stores! Such a trooper…

M’s First Lake Trip

August 11, 2018: While we didn’t make it to the lake for July 4th, we DID make it at the beginning of August! We started driving and M fell asleep (yay!)…but when she woke up it was scream-city. We had to pull off the highway by a bar to attempt comfort. Bottle? NO Diaper? NO Walk around outside? KINDA…but eventually we were back on our way. We arrived to a lovely pink sky, lots of fireworks for E to run through, and a perfect weekend away. I learned a bald eagle can SWIM, and felt way more relaxed than I ever did traveling with E as a baby! 🙂

And now for the “real” photos

Firehouse Visit

August 5, 2018: How amazing that our kids were able to tour a firehouse, AND see all of the things that go into being a firefighter?! We toured inside with the sleeping quarters, TV/Kitchen rooms, and then onto the trucks. They were able to hold the equipment, climb into the drivers seat, try on the uniform (me too!) and hold the fire hose. I had as much fun learning as they did! I couldn’t stop taking photos…so hold on for a LOT in this one…

the Farmstead

July 21, 2018: We still spend time at the Farmstead, and M does pretty well tagging along for the ride! July is always hot…so the biggest worry was overheating in the wrap. Eventually she was over it, but E had spent some time in a sprinkler so she said we were all ok to stay a bit longer…

Grandma & Family Visit

July 13, 2018: M finally had the chance to meet some more of her BIG family today! Grandma came into town and met the “fussy” M we know so well…but that’s due to reflux (hopefully) and once her stomach matures a bit we believe she’ll be happier. Cousin A even took a turn holding her!