November 24, 2018 | After my family holiday, we make our way to the lake for a giant celebration of kids/food/beer/guns/4-wheelers/drones/trucks/ridiculousness…ha! And I try to get a family photo at this holiday each year as well, with whoever is at the lake. It may not always be everyone, but it’s a LOT! My drone suddenly crashed on this trip, which kinda freaked me out…and E (+ her cousin S) discovered a love of metal detecting for rusty-nails. Parents of the year over here!


November 23, 2018 | The first sister-photo-shoot that really didn’t go well. I took a couple hundred images of them together but it just wasn’t meant to be…haha! I had M in this adorable “pilgrim” outfit from Amazon, that just slayed me. After photos we went to my parents’ home per usual on Friday for lots of food and crazy-kids. Turkey-day 1, complete!

And some cell-photos too…

Cousin Jammies

November 2, 2018 | After ordering super cheap jammies/trapper hats from overseas, it was finally time to take these photos! I had the spot all picked-out, and between three adults and four kiddos (myself, Abbey, and her MIL) we corralled them all into a few combinations WITH SMILES. I seriously don’t believe I will be able to get a better cousin-image…ever. How totally adorable are these little ones?!


October 31, 2018 | While the day started with just some fun photos in the yard, I forced the cousins into some 2-light/FOG photos in the driveway before they could start collecting candy! So mean, but so awesome. The hardest part of the night was keeping the kids somewhat together…poor C wanted to keep up with the big kids, and E kept running in a non-stop hunt. In fact she was the last kid standing from our group with that endless energy! And then wanted to help pass out candy with Papa when we returned. The kids went through their candy on the floor, and we called it a night. M will be a little more involved next year!

Whole Family Photos

October 22, 2018 | We have never really had a pro photographer tackle the whole family for a photo session before…so I kinda just BOOKED IT. Of course there was all sorts of craziness coordinating outfits/colors, but I really did like the resulting images!

Pumpkin Hollow

October 22, 2018 | This month is packed with activities, and several are annual including Pumpkin Hollow! We started the day with E running to our bed for “morning snuggles” (my favorite). Aunt A brought both of her kiddos so all of the cousins were together! They ran around like crazy and had a blast, plus E held M once again for a photo like a champ. I love these outings while the kids are little…I know I’m going to miss them when they’re grown!

Honor Flight

October 17, 2018 | My Grandpa had the most amazing opportunity to participate in an Honor Flight for Veterans. They were flown to DC, given special access to all sorts of museums/landmarks, and flown home with a whole bundle of handwritten letters from their family expressing gratitude. M was a bit too tiny to bring along, so I took E solo to the airport for this! After creating signs and printing buttons, we all met and grabbed some dinner before everyone lined up to welcome the vets. It was so wonderfully-emotional (see images of my Dad) while Grandpa just took it all in stride! So many flags and cheers, and C never wanted to leave the baggage-drop… 🙂