the Messy Box!

May 30, 2018 | When a friend is starting a new business, targeted at “kids having fun!” of course you want to help them succeed!  So I had her deliver one of the new products — the Messy Box — and I snapped around 1,000 photos of these cousins in the backyard going crazy.  It was seriously a blast, and so creative with all of the options!  But I’m going to agree with her statement that it’s for ONCE A YEAR…

GGPa 93rd Birthday!

May 26, 2018 | What an amazing man he is — my Grandpa, the littles’ Great-Grandpa — and how lucky we are to be celebrating his ninety-third birthday!  The kids were crazy, and loud, but we managed to wrangle them into a photo on the couch QUICKLY.  Ha!  Between the books, brain teasers and wine, he had all his favorites covered.  E also wrote his name on the gift bag…I just had to audibly spell it out and she wrote it on her own.  I was incredibly proud, so it needed a photo of its own!

Marlo | Newborn Photos

May 23, 2018 | I asked Deanna to come over and capture our family for the first time with M, and it was such a relaxed session I couldn’t have been happier! It was a bit more nutty trying to get three girls photo-ready, but once Deanna arrived I didn’t mind anything that was happening.  M did so great, and was asleep for MOST of it…and for awhile afterwards.  Which means I took the opportunity to snag a few more photos of her myself (since I asked Deanna to focus on the family)!

And then a few of my snaps… 🙂

M Comes Home

May 18, 2018 | We get to go HOME! What a difference it is to leave the hospital after just a few days…and not have to come back. It was so NICE! My parents brought E over (I asked them to keep Mosby for awhile longer) and of course I snagged a few images…we are officially a family of four!

And a few cell-phone images from actually leaving the hospital…

E Meets Baby M

May 17, 2018 | So with M arriving on 5/16 (instead of 5/15), and it being a bit rougher than planned, E had to wait to come up until Thursday morning. I actually managed a shower the night before, but I didn’t get a chance to really clean-up before my parents/sister/niece all were at the mommy-baby room door!  But we knew we wanted to tell E the gender first, before anyone else knew. Despite the whole world saying it was a boy, E always told me that it was a girl. CLEESA was the name…sorry, overruled…!  So I had her come over and hug me, and I whispered in her ear “it’s a GIRL!” and she lit-up so bright saying “It’s what I was hoping for!” and instantly wanted to hold her and give an elephant-toy gift to her.  It’s true that your heart completely explodes.  I just cannot describe watching E love her baby sister in such a pure, honest way. Then M’s gift to E was a new toddler camera…which E adored and started taking pictures of everything/everyone.  I snuggled her so much (because I truly missed her over those few days) and it was just perfect…even if I could barely walk. I still managed to grab my camera for some photos, plus A and D snapped some too… 🙂

Last Mommy-Day | Just E

May 14, 2018 | Being super-pregnant, and also wanting to make our final “just us two” mommy day extra special, really don’t go together well.  But at least we left the house and had some fun, right?  She was up at 6 AM, but jumped into our bed and went back to sleep until 7:30 AM. We ate breakfast as a family, and D left for work.  A quick drive through the bank & Starbucks, then we were off to a playground. I picked a spot with shade (hello, tights) and short walking distance from the parking lot. E wanted her Strider bike, so she rode that around the equipment more than actually playing ON the equipment…ha!  We came home and played Trains, Egg Hunt, and watched a little show before her lunch — which was interrupted by dancing to Buffalo Soldier’s “yo yo yo” parts of course.
I asked D to come home around 3, because after all of that activity I was desperate for a nap!  We gave her a bath, packed her bags, and managed to get her to my parents’ house after dinner since our appt was for 7 AM at the hospital the following morning.  I CRIED…so naturally we went and got Culver’s ice cream on the way home!  In bed by 10 PM, since a BABY is coming the next day!  Or so we thought…

C’s 2nd Birthday/Mother’s Day

May 13, 3018 | Little C LOVES Moana right now, so it was only fitting that her 2nd birthday party feature PINK and tropical themes!  You can tell that she really “gets” birthdays this year… 🙂  The kiddos loved throwing the balloons in the air, and the leis were a big hit for all.  I was SO pregnant that I only took photos from the couch…and thanks to A’s planning we were able to combine the party AND Mother’s Day because of my physical state.  I can’t do a whole lot (ie I missed the CF walk the day before)!

After finding out baby was breech, and planning on having the baby Tuesday, we took a few last photos.  WHOA that belly!!  That’s wearing compression tights AND a support band…eesh.