Dirt Bike Track

May 5, 2018 | Hobbling around towards the end of this pregnancy means we are limited a bit on the weekend activities…which is fine, and D has been just INCREDIBLE taking over a lot of the things that E needs.  One of the things I really wanted to take her to do was a ride on this pump-track at a local park.  I’ve seen kids on it, and while there may be some steep hills I had a feeling she would just love it.  WOW did she ever!  There were some spills, but not once did it stop her/cause tears…she wanted to keep going, and managed to get faster with each lap.  That sweaty-face took a quick snack break, and then she was back at it!  It was the longest I’ve seen her “balance” (in the gaps between hills) and she was really sad to leave.  But I know we will go back this Summer sometime!

Cell phone pics/videos

2018-05-05 10.35.57

Swimming Lesson!

March 20, 2018 | We knew we wanted to get E involved in some REAL swim lessons — all of our Summer lake-time makes this a big priority. After looking at some really expensive options, I noticed a new place going in near our Target, and immediately called/got into their schedule. I am amazed how easily she just goes in ready to do whatever is going to happen…barely even looked back at us! Coach Anna is braver than I (being in charge of four toddlers that can’t swim inside a pool), but we can already see her learning some great things. It’s pretty cool!

Yoga Pics + Haircut

March 5, 2018 | I began bartering some photography work with my local yoga studio…and of course the first day they need photos is Mommy-Day (Monday). But they told me to just bring her along, and it would be totally fine…so I did!  She wanted to be IN the photos, and just a part of all the happenings. It was pretty cute…especially her photo-bomb peeking under the curtain! I was even roped into posing for some pre-natal poses…but I love that I have some of her doing yoga with me!

Fast-forward to that night…and we take our eyes off of her for a few minutes and I catch her with scissors behind the kitchen table. Glad I caught her when I did, and the damage was minimal. We think she was influenced by a trip to the barber with Papa the previous Friday…but it’s a right of passage anyways…??? Crazy kid!

Valentine’s Day | Plans & Party

February 12, 2018 | Her first official school V-Day party means…actual Valentines! I thought I was so smart and ahead of the game when I grabbed this set for $3 in the Target dollar bin early-Jan. Unicorns and glitter, with no food-allergy worries! That is, until 2 days before the party I’m putting them together with the class list and realize I’m SHORT. I know for a fact there are no additional sets at the store, so I proceed with MAKING a few extra.  They are 3-4 yrs old, so I can still get away with it! Luckily I had extra dinos on hand that were for her party prizes…ha!  And Dollar Tree had an insane number of balloons/stuffed animals so E got a little surprise from us too… 🙂

I was also doing a lot of party-prepping during this time. I’m much slower-moving/low-energy these days so I started all of this stuff super-early too.  Just working on the pieces here & there, and realizing that the simple games I had planned were going to require much more work than I anticipated! Pulled a lot of these from Snapchat/IG-Stories — and by setting up slowly, E would run into the house every night asking me what ELSE was setup for her party!! 🙂

Hiding in the Rugs

January 17, 2018 | Those scary-parent moments happen here and there, & I knew it was only a matter of time until we needed to have a talk about hiding from me in a store. We began playing in the rug-display (she was a cat, of course) and it was a perfect area to hide in. I told her to stay in the rugs, but of course she was having so much fun she disappeared. I was crawling around in all of the rugs looking for her, calling her name, imagining all of the worst-case scenarios. Several minutes passed, when I finally spotted her several aisles away. She had wandered into the chair section for an even BETTER place. I think she knew from my face that I was not having any fun, and I hugged her SO TIGHT. Long conversation after that had to happen, and she apologized a lot. Parenthood is not for the faint of heart!

First Ballet Class

January 9, 2018 | Being a dancer most of my life, I was so excited for E to attend her first ballet class. We did a low-commitment, community center “session” just to give it a try, and I used her gymnastic leotard with a new skirt/ballet shoes from Target (used regular tights, oops). She was acting pretty excited, and I was only a little worried that she wouldn’t want to because it’s after a full day of preschool. But she ran in with the amazing teacher, and followed directions so well! I’m the weird-o mom who brought her real camera to shoot through the door during class — while carefully avoiding too much hovering — and made a dance bag from my fave photo below…!

Pre-K Winter Event

December 7, 2017 | When I found out there would be a PERFORMANCE at the Winter Event, I couldn’t contain my excitement. E loves to dance/sing for us, so I knew this would be adorable/hilarious/chaotic. We brought a veggie tray into her room, and she quickly showed us around all of the Stations and pointed out her artwork. After some snacking, and a decorated Frame gift (complete in painted gift bag) it was time to rally the toddlers to the “stage”!  The Winter Pokey, and a couple other songs were sung, and my heart just melted. They are seriously so cute, and she was incredibly proud of her gift to us…we loved it! Since we’d seen Santa, I thought that she wouldn’t need a second trip at school but she ran right in and sat on his lap. This kid LOVES Santa… 🙂

ETA: She’s been loving the “Ivy and Bean” series of books and one of them has the kids doing all sorts of things with the small red wax circles that some individual cheeses come in. She saw some of those at the party and had to recreate it.