Pumpkin Carving

October 28, 2018 | Continuing with doing ALL THE FALL things, it was time to carve the pumpkins! That day I posed M in the front yard with some leaves first, and then she was subjected to LOVES by E. E asks to hold her occasionally, and even tried to kiss/snuggle her some…but M wasn’t really having it. The pumpkins however were VERY interesting to the baby, and she was all in! E drew the faces this year, and I carved…then she dug out all the yucky stuff. Asking her to pose with the finished product was hilarious…she’s a performer! The sunlight was so pretty we walked to the neighbors’ yard for a few E-images…she’s the best!

Renn Fest!

September 9, 2018: As if yesterday wasn’t enough, my parents had the idea to take the big kids to our local Renn Fest today! I hadn’t been in AGES, but I figured E would enjoy the rides/plays/etc.  There was zero hesitation for any rides, but cousin B wasn’t into it. He’s a bit wary! The thing that stands out the most was her jumping on the trampoline-rig…and I made sure she got the most kid-friendly guy while she was waiting in line. He helped ease her worry, and made it so much FUN! She was flying, and I was incredibly proud of her. She’s always up for anything! Except a princess-hat…sorry mom! At the end we found a ride that B would do, and then he was ready for more (esp with Papa joining in)… 🙂

Backyard Camping

September 2, 2018: E really REALLY wants to go camping, but a new baby just doesn’t really mesh well with that adventure…so Dave was a champ and offered a backyard alternative! She was so excited; completely adorable. I had to keep Mosby in the basement so he wouldn’t bark if they came in to use the bathroom, and it went so well! She even slept through Dave coming into the house that morning… 🙂

Back to School

August 14, 2018: Despite the fact that E attended school all summer, the technical “back to school” day happened, and it was kinda fitting that they made it an important day. I dressed her up, rainbow (her fave) bows in her hair, and stood her in front of the preschool. But after a photo or two, she proudly said “But I want Baby Marlo to be in the photo with me, because I love her!” I melted into a puddle on the sidewalk, but managed to snag more photos too… 🙂

Ice Skating!

August 4, 2018: My BFF is still in town, and while we did get together during the day just us two, we try to get ALL of the 830-Girls and the kids together for something as well. Amy had already promised her kids they could go ice skating…so guess what we were ALL going to do? E had never been, and while I feel somewhat confident in my own abilities I had no idea how this would go. D stayed home with M, and thus began our adventure on the ice! E handled it really well, but it was way harder on me (aka, my BACK) to help her learn. Even trying to push that “walker” around for her, or carry it off the ice when she was wanting a break, was hard work! We were both ready for the session to end, but it was pretty funny… 🙂

And if that wasn’t enough, why not end the night at an SPC Gathering…E had more kid-time that day than ever!

Grandma & Family Visit

July 13, 2018: M finally had the chance to meet some more of her BIG family today! Grandma came into town and met the “fussy” M we know so well…but that’s due to reflux (hopefully) and once her stomach matures a bit we believe she’ll be happier. Cousin A even took a turn holding her!


June 10, 2018:  Now that E is four, why not add something to the outdoor energy-burn? An inexpensive slip-n-slide is perfect! As long as you move it a few times and follow the directions on how to set it up…oops. I didn’t fill the “launch” pad with water so it kept blowing everywhere! It was still enjoyed by everyone, except M…ha!