FL Vacation!

July 30, 2017 | I don’t remember how we decided, but this was the Summer we took E on her first flight/vacation! FL was the destination of choice, and thanks to a recco from a friend/client we chose Tradewinds as a family-friendly resort. Lots of on-property activities, and kid-focused fun seemed like the simplest way to go. This is going to be really long…and I’m not sure I remember all of the details over the course of several days, but I will try!

Day 1 she woke up and took the final chain off the countdown which was a SUN. We were armed with a TON of new books/toys/activities for the plane ride. I mean, a 3-yr-old on an airplane? I wanted to be prepared! Perhaps it was TOO much…but E loved having out suitcases all packed, and carrying her very first purse. Adorable! The airport was a breeze, and with E riding on our new luggage it was a snap getting from the gate to our rental car. She promptly fell asleep on the way to the hotel…so much excitement! But then she saw the beach for the first time, and loved the sand/waves. We brought out the new beach toys and she was so happy to just dig and play. It was cloudy and overcast (which was an omen of the whole trip), but she didn’t seem to notice.

Day 2 we woke up to more rain, so we tried the KONK club for a little crafting activity. It was fairly packed with a lot of kiddos that had to spend the whole day there (which is odd to me), but E painted a sea shell nightlight. It was pretty cute, and made it home in one piece. Despite the clouds, we still walked to the beach and played a bit in the sand. In a random turn of events we discovered that Aunt Susan and Cousin Kaylee were staying just 30-mins down the beach from us! They were at a condo, so the beach had a totally different feel than our resort (that was pretty nice). We were out in the water a bit, building sand castles, and later made a quick visit to William Dean chocolates! I had a photo-shoot (also random timing with long-time clients) so they all hung out and waited to have dinner with me VERY late. I think we got E to bed around 11 PM? Oops!

Day 3 was our one day of sunshine — and it was awesome to wake up to! We dressed right into swimsuits and made our way to the reserved cabana. Also it was finally time to have some cliche blended drinks (that were insane $$) including a virgin-strawberry daiquiri for E — which she loved. We split the time between the beach, and the pool, and all of us got a little bit of sun! That night it was photo-shoot time that I had pre-paid for. It was an interesting experience for sure, but we ended up with a few images that I really liked! E acted a little weird during the shoot, and wasn’t very hungry during dinner — despite eating really late AGAIN. Plus we promised her ice cream if she was good during photos, which she was. The next morning would explain that!

Day 4 E woke up feeling awful — so a quick run to the drug store for a thermometer and cold medicine showed that she had a fever. Which isn’t really ideal when it comes to vacation. We watched way too many shows on the iPad and lounged around the room for hours. Everytime we attempted to leave the room, the skies would open-up and we’d be running back the room. I know she would’ve loved to just watch shows all day, but it was the final hours of BEACH! D let me journey out to take some photos with my camera — which was left in the room all the time due to the rain — and hit one souvenir shop. We even drug her to a pirate show that evening which was…crazy. But hilarious. She was a total trooper!

The final day when it was time to go, the skies were sunny and the weather was perfect. Of COURSE! E was feeling better, and excited to get on a plane again. But with a little time to kill, why not stop at the chocolate shop again? Mom and Dad needed a little treat for watching Mosby…& we wanted some amazing chocolate too. E had a whole new set of fun things to occupy the flight home, and did amazing on the flight. When we got to our car and starting driving home, that’s when her sickness/tiredness hit her. She was so tired, and couldn’t get to sleep in her car seat, so a lot of tears ensued. Poor kid! Overall it was still a great trip, despite all of the madness, and she still talks about returning to FL someday… 🙂

And here are the few images from the SLR!

June Bug Ball

June 8, 2017 | I threw some $1 store wings into the car, and went to get E from preschool. We had talked about the June Bug Ball in the morning, but she said she’d rather play water balloons. I thought maybe if I show her the new. purple. wings. with glitter…it would be a sure thing. But she still was thinking about the water balloons! I told her we should just go check it out to see if it was lots of fun…and she said “OK!”

So we got out of the car, strapped the butterfly wings to her, and made our way into the BALL! There were kiddos everywhere with costumes, antennae, dresses. E made sure to point them all out to me… 🙂 First stop was making her bug eyes/antenna. After a slow-moving line, we were finally on our way. She ran through the flag-maze, made some yummy/healthy bug-snacks (grapes on a skewer = caterpillar,  celery boat w/peanut butter & carrot shreds/raisins = fuzzy caterpillar), and danced in the pavilion with some “big fairies”.

I asked her if she wanted to play, or watch the big-girls dance…she actually chose watching! I was shocked — while she was mesmerized…ha!

Then it was time for more science-type stations. She pet the BIG craw-fish, and held a baby one until it crawled and she threw it back into the volunteers’ hand. We found giant bugs on display, touched some worms, and she took off her wings ONLY to make the slides easier to play on.

By the time we walked back by the pavilion, the big-girls were actually dancing WITH the little girls. She ran up those stairs and instantly found a partner. It was the cutest thing EVAAAAA

Her favorite part of the whole thing though? ICE CREAM

Honorable mention; hammering a Home Depot tool-box together, on an aluminum picnic table with dozens of other kids/parents, is enough to make your brain go nutso…  We will definitely be returning next year — perhaps getting started closer to 4 (vs 5:30 PM) since it closes at 7. Such a fun night!

First Day of Preschool

April 4, 2017 | After a weekend full of emotion, another big wave was coming our way in the form of preschool. Our little E was making the switch to 3-days a week (Tues-Thurs) of full-day school, and we prepared for a tearful drop-off. D and I went together, and walked her into her room. She was fine! Happy, walked right in and started playing…it was perfect. PHEW! So the next day I just took her myself, expecting more of the same. Yet something “clicked” and she realized that this was the new norm (and not just a novelty for one day). Que the waterworks…for BOTH of us due to my own emotional state. UGH it was so hard to walk out of that classroom hearing her beg me not to leave her! The emotions ebb and flow for sure, but I’m glad it isn’t all sad…she’s learning so much, comes home with new songs, and even talks about FRIENDS! 🙂



Disney on Ice

March 29, 2017 | Such a FUN adventure downtown — E’s first BIG show of Disney on Ice “Follow Your Heart”! She may not really be into Princesses much, but I had a feeling this show would still go over well. After years of seeing my clients on FB post about the cost of blinky-stuff at the venue, I went ahead and purchased a $6 spinner on Amazon. Security didn’t even flinch when they saw it in my bag, and she was thrilled when I handed it to her at the seats! I think her favorite part was Rex from Toy Story, but did make a few comments about how Ariel flew in the sky… 🙂 The end had a TON of Frozen elements, so much that the whole place was singing along (yes, seriously).  But it was a great show. We’ll be going again for sure!


February 27, 2017 | Is it possible that a newly-three child can feign sickness to get attention? Because I’m pretty sure E was doing just that. BUT, I also think this was the toughest cold she’s ever had. That face is so pathetic!!

Obviously this meant no daycare the next day, but don’t worry, she was much better and up for a picnic at the park.  Here’s 2/28, and getting a letter from her BFF was definitely a highlight! 😉

Gymnastics Trial

February 20, 2017 | Today was E’s gymnastics trial! My Mom gifted a session for the big THREE birthday, and since she was off of work she was able to come along. There were no other kids, maybe because it was a holiday? Early in the morning? Who knows…but it’s kinda weird sitting just a few feet away from a lesson, especially when it’s your child’s first time in an environment like that. She liked it, but you could tell after about 20-mins she was ready to do her own thing…ha! Afterwards we all went to Hobby Lobby, then had lunch with with my neighbor gals. E was just awesome…even let us talk A LOT. 🙂

Cut to that night: after her bath I went downstairs to walk the treadmill, and watch ‘This Is Us’. I come upstairs and it’s after 9:15. She’s still talking, happily. I decide to go into her room before I shower, only to find a giant mess of her stuffed animals, and the noise machine is sitting inside the upside down lid of her humidifier. She immediately runs to her bed once I open the door, and I tell her she needs to be asleep. She smiles and asks why I’m mad at her. I smile, she giggles, and I giggle back. Then she kisses my forehead, gives me a hug, then does this thing we do where we push our foreheads together, bug out our eyes and yell “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!” until she’s got the hiccups from laughing so much. Dang I love that kid. So I tickle her a bit and say we have all the sillies out, to which she replies “There’s a little more in there mommy!” So I tickle her a bit more, tell her I love her, then leave and hit the shower.

She’s seriously the best. I love her silliness, and fearlessness…!