Pre-Easter Egg Hunts

March 24, 2018 | This is the year we did ALL THE EGG THINGS — I mean, this particular day E was able to hunt eggs TWICE! I think D’s company egg-hunt really brought out the competitive side of hunting, because despite the cold there were tons of people out there. We arrived just minutes before the start, which worked out well because that meant no line to see the Easter Bunny (quick hug and a photo).  We ran around the circle of people, and strained to hear “GO!” before we just let her start running.  Pure, hilarious pandemonium!

Once that was complete, we had a little time at home before our friends’ annual kid-hunt — which is our favorite because, ya know, FRIENDS. E is getting old enough that we can just let her play, which means lots of chat-time. L is so good at planning this event — she made sure there was a challenging golden egg for each kid, and some fun little prizes to boot!  There was pizza, and cartoons, and beer.  It’s awesome — and would have been even better if KSU won their BBall game.  I believe we stayed until late into the night??  OOops!

Peg Families

January 23, 2018 | I wanted a fun way to announce our pregnancy, and landed on painting our little family on wooden peg people. I had extras, and thought “Why not paint our friends’ families too!”

My original plan for these peg families included having them to everybody BEFORE Christmas, as ornaments. But you know, LIFE. And it was taking SO long that I had to finally share photos with people to let them know what I had in the works…and surprisingly everyone wanted them as NON-ornaments! I was so flattered…and who knows if this will lead to a side-business… 🙂

SPC Christmas Party

December 9, 2017 | I’m realizing how busy this month was…so many fun activities to attend! Our friends Rick & Steph have an annual Christmas party that we missed last year, and when there’s a White Elephant at stake you know I’m game… 🙂  E is getting old enough that we can almost let her play with the other kids in the playroom alone — just checking in here and there to make sure everything is ok — it’s amazing!  She adores Isabel too, so basically we didn’t see her most of the night until dinner.  Everyone brought amazing food, and the hosts smoked a delicious Turkey & Ham. Not to mention Steph is 8-mo pregnant!

Kid-Free Lake Weekend

November 17, 2017 | Since Winfield didn’t happen this year — well except for Mark — I threw the idea into the ring that we should try to have an ADULT weekend at the lake! I was so darn excited when everyone rallied around the mass-text, and we planned for the weekend before Thanksgiving. When the date was close, it was looking like everyone wasn’t going to be able to make it…but somehow it all worked out and we packed our stuff.

D picked out his first pair of glasses before we took off — sharp! We all stayed together on Friday night, and the PLAN was to separate into boys/girls for night too — but several bottles of wine caused a last-minute change and we all just stayed at the A-house… 🙂  Our server that night became “New Brandon”, and was the running joke the rest of the trip. Throw in some rhinestone hats, a dance party, and a whole lot of nothing and it was pure perfection before all of the holidays came around! I don’t think B really enjoyed his Sunday morning at all…he won for best hangover. 🙂

Gaga Concert

November 15, 2017 | It had been years since I saw Gaga in concert…and the opportunity came up where a client of mine had tickets to sell. I texted Lauren and asked if she would be willing to foot a sizable bill, and she said YES! So we debated what to wear (of course, because, GAGA), and squealed with delight over the anticipation. Gaga is just incredible…from the full production portions of the concert, to the bits where she would just sing/play her guitar/piano while chatting casually with the audience. I love her message, her new songs, all of it. Cannot wait until she comes back!

Shootout Weekend

August 26, 2017 | It was time for the annual trip to some of our best friends’ lake house for the Shootout! While we may not actually SEE the boats racing these days…because really, toddlers can hang on a small boat for hours on end…it’s so much fun just to spend some chaotic time with friends!

The cell phone photos reminded me of some tidbits:

  • inflatables on the deck are hours of fun for toddlers
  • the inflata-BULL made his first appearance (possibly his last thanks to rough waters) and is hilarious, especially watching Joel
  • K&J didn’t bring their kiddos this trip, but K was great Snapchat entertainment
  • B received the Fight on PPV for his birthday, and waiting until 10:30 PM for it to start was not ideal for our E, who doesn’t sleep in our arms like some other little girls we know… 🙂

the Great Eclipse!

August 21, 2017 | Dave had been prepared for months with Eclipse glasses…and we had discussed so many options on where to go, involve E, camp, rent a hotel (wait no, those were booked forever ago)…then my friend K mentioned that her house was on the path of totality in NE!  We hadn’t met each others kids yet, so why not do an overnight with a world-event to boot!

K and her husband cooked all of this amazing food for us and the kids, while E and Z got along really well!  That can be a toss-up when it comes to toddlers.  Z shared his toys like a champ, and E introduced him to the world of hiding small figures/beads inside Easter eggs…ha!  K also made these amazing Eclipse shirts from scratch…complete with bleach treatment, and they are so cool! There were a few clouds that threatened our visibility, but luckily they parted just in time.  We were able to corral the kids on K’s deck which meant the adults could totally focus on what was happening above.  It was incredibly awesome, and everyone geeked-out so much.  Some workers even walked through K’s backyard when it started getting dark, and we offered them some beers… 🙂

At bedtime we played a parent-version of Cards Against Humanity, learned all about E’s journey to America (incredible story), and watched Game of Thrones…poor K was the only person not into it, but the rest of us were so excited we couldn’t wait to watch the new episode.  We have been talking about the next time we can get together, because it went so well!

Some cell pics: