Gangsta Tour, Etc

September 8, 2018: This is a big year for our group of friends…all the guys are turning FORTY! While there is a great trip on the horizon, we are still celebrating the actual days. For Joel, Kristen arranged a Gangsta Bus Tour! It was wonderfully-cheesy, and the “host” really sold the whole thing well. K was fully prepared with a portable bar in her backpack…so much fun!

Then I developed an obsession with BIRD SCOOTERS. Only three of us rode from the bus drop to the bar (biker-gang-name TBD) but most everyone came outside to give it a try. They are POWERFUL! And a blast…

And if that wasn’t enough in a day, why not hit the Fall Carnival in our city that night with the kids?! The night ended with me feeding M in the car (closely parked, thanks Electric) and Dave having to drag E away from a concert to head home. Fantastic day!

Lake with Friends

August 19, 2019 | Our annual trip to the A-Lake House came up, and we really didn’t think too hard about taking a new baby…is that crazy?  Maybe, but let’s blame it on 2nd-kid syndrome? 🙂 We packed-up all of our stuff, made our way to the lake…and it was awesome. There was a whole new dock (that kicks ass) and the 3 big girls were all about it! Of course E was interested in testing the HIGH DIVE.  I may be writing this months later, but the part that stands out the most was E asking to jump from that high platform…and me thinking that once we got up there (together) she would change her mind. So we climbed, and she was ready…uh, what? Trying to scramble the adults with cameras/phones/video was making her impatient, but she was SURE. At just 4 years old! We jumped together, and she did it…but just that one time… 🙂  I brought a pineapple corer, which turned into a horrible mixed drink that M wouldn’t get go to waste. Then we let E take our adult-group photo…such a flattering angle and composition!

And a few cell phone images — Marlo spent most of her time inside, so she’s not in a lot of photos.  Next year baby girl!

Ice Skating!

August 4, 2018: My BFF is still in town, and while we did get together during the day just us two, we try to get ALL of the 830-Girls and the kids together for something as well. Amy had already promised her kids they could go ice skating…so guess what we were ALL going to do? E had never been, and while I feel somewhat confident in my own abilities I had no idea how this would go. D stayed home with M, and thus began our adventure on the ice! E handled it really well, but it was way harder on me (aka, my BACK) to help her learn. Even trying to push that “walker” around for her, or carry it off the ice when she was wanting a break, was hard work! We were both ready for the session to end, but it was pretty funny… 🙂

And if that wasn’t enough, why not end the night at an SPC Gathering…E had more kid-time that day than ever!

My BFF Visits

August 1, 2018: It isn’t often that my BFF is in town, but when she is we make all the arrangements we can to get together! Daytime is typically the kid-gathering, so we met up at a favorite park all of her kids plus M (E was at preschool) It was so great, I wished that she lived here all the time.  How different it would be to see each other weekly, or monthly! M absolutely hates the car seat…has since day 1. It’s fine if she falls asleep in the car, but if she wakes and you are still driving? Prepare yourself for the screaming! At least she doesn’t vomit anymore?

That evening all the women met-up at North Restaurant, and we laughed harder than I have in a long time. They are all amazing humans, and I adore them more than I can say! Our waiter “Bear” though? We do not adore him…LOL

Whiskey & Waffles + a Park

July 28, 2018: D constantly tells me I’m only allowed one FB-event per weekend. I have these grand visions of how fun several kid-friendly activities are, and many times it works out ok. Other times it’s a lot of work for a little bit of fun. Luckily this was the former… 🙂 A local waffle-spot was having a collaboration with a local WHISKEY company, so I was sold!

Since we also wanted to do something to burn E’s energy, why not stop at the dirt-track afterwards as well?  While TQ-Bunny watched from the sidelines…if we had arrived earlier we would have jumped on a paddle-boat as well. But it was a busy day, and we had plans with our friends that night too! We kept M up WAY past her bedtime…oops!

Pre-K Summer Carnival

July 13, 2018: There are so many activities at the preschool, and E loves all of them. I like that we get free face-painting and games…ha! And the whole family is encouraged to attend, so cousins and Gpa/Nana get to have fun too! It was a circus theme this year, and they even had pony rides.  I thought E would love this, but she was “meh” about it. The face paint was one of my favorites…how amazing is that butterfly!?

3rd of July

July 3, 2018: It had been awhile, but when our friends offered to host another 3rd of July party, we were thrilled! M can’t really attend a fireworks display, but they live within walking distance of a good sized show. There were so many kids…we couldn’t help but laugh at how different our gatherings are these days!

After great food and tons of playtime, I took E in our wagon to the show…with tons of glow-stuff to play with in the dark. We had a bit of a moment, when she had her hands full of goodies and STILL wanted the things that other kids had. I lost it a bit…am I doing everything wrong with raising this kid to appreciate what she has?! I was assured it’s the age, but I couldn’t sleep that night. In fact I don’t think E and I spoke the 30-min drive home. Teenage years are going to be fun with this one! I digress…let’s look at fun (& hard-to-shoot) images from the fireworks show!