M Comes Home

May 18, 2018 | We get to go HOME! What a difference it is to leave the hospital after just a few days…and not have to come back. It was so NICE! My parents brought E over (I asked them to keep Mosby for awhile longer) and of course I snagged a few images…we are officially a family of four!

And a few cell-phone images from actually leaving the hospital…

Last Daycare Day

March 30, 2017 | There were a lot of tears — not from E, but from ME — on this last day for E to attend In-Home daycare. Next week starts a real preschool, and I’m so incredibly thankful that KK was brought into our lives!¬† She loves kids as her own, and takes such good care of them. E didn’t really understand what was happening that day, but loved that she got to take some pictures with KK in the front yard! ūüôā



July 21, 2016 | Yep, we are in the thick of potty-training…but she’s doing so well! We do 1 piece of candy for #1, 2 for #2. Daniel Tiger’s song is a regular tune for sure! The little IKEA potty hangs out with us in the various rooms of the house AND goes in the back of the car for excursions. She’s also using this Elmo app to learn some letters, but we don’t really let her use that much…it was more of ¬†way to keep her in one room while she “practices” wearing undies. ūüôā

2016-06-23-17-24-13 2016-06-23-17-25-39rp_undies_001 rp_undies_002 rp_undies_003 rp_undies_004

Egg “Hiding”

March 22, 2016 | Last year E loved gathering eggs and placing them in her basket. ¬†THIS year the same still applied, only she’s added the skill of asking to hide them for US! ¬†The crochet-eggs I made last year are still holding up, and we used those plus a huge pink egg from the Target Dollar bin to practice for the egg hunts over Easter. ¬†We would have E stand in the corner of the living room, close her eyes, then we say “OK!” and she would start the intense search for her eggs. ¬†After many days of this, she said “My turn!” and made us close our eyes! ¬†Now that’s about as far as it gets, because as soon as she shouted “Ok!” to us she would run to the single-spot where all of the eggs were and say “Right here!” ¬†It’s the darn cutest thing… ūüôā

RP_EggHiding_0001 RP_EggHiding_0002 RP_EggHiding_0003 RP_EggHiding_0004 RP_EggHiding_0005 RP_EggHiding_0006 RP_EggHiding_0007 RP_EggHiding_0008


December 28, 2015 | This was one of those silly little things that I was SURE to write down when it happened. ¬†I actually sent myself an e-mail with the subject line “E pretended to be a cat”. ¬†Her imagination is just so…much…fun. ¬†The kitchen has been hilarious as she ‘cuts’ the fruit and prepares D and I endless amount of eggs. ¬†But we were at home and she was in the guest bathroom crawling around on the floor. ¬†Meowing. ¬†I even asked “Are you a kitty!?” and she said “YES!” and continued to meow!

Now for the totally unrelated photos…

2015-12-28 10.43.26 2015-12-28 11.02.46

Toddler Bed

December 8, 2015 | There was a loud THUD, followed by some more urgent crying than usual. ¬†I walked into E’s dark room towards the crib, but heard the crying at my feet vs. in the bed. ¬†Imagine my surprise to find her standing on the floor, with a large bump on her forehead!? ¬†The day had arrived that she climbed out to freedom, but I think it was traumatic enough that she didn’t attempt it again. ¬†Just in case, I ordered the rail that night to add to her crib, thinking we would wait and see what happened. ¬†Well, my dearest decided this night that he would install the rail while I was with a client downstairs…imagine my surprise. ¬†Were we ready for this?! ¬†But so far we are over a week into this new adventure, and she’s done awesome. ¬†Naps are a little more challenging (she’d rather get out and play then nap) but overnights are good. ¬†Except when it is time to get up, we are waiting to hear talking and instead hear her door rattling and the doorknob making scary-sounds. ¬†It’s so creepy!

2015-12-08 17.40.33 2015-12-08 17.41.44-2 2015-12-14 16.19.31


November 16, 2015 | What? ¬†You’re saying there’s hope?!? ¬†I had to write this down while it was fresh, because it was pretty awesome. ¬†We’ve always known that E is pretty rough-&-tumble (which a total cliche term, but it works), and worried that empathy just wasn’t a part of her brain. But on this particular day, a Monday which means she was home with me, we were playing in the basement. ¬†After going over colors, and stacking blocks, I made a pretty tall tower from her blocks. ¬†She immediately came over and kicked it all down as fast as possible. ¬†I looked at her and made a super-sad face, even “cried” a little just to see what she would do. Imagine my shock when she gathered as many blocks as she could carry and brought them to me. ¬†After placing them in my lap, she gave me a hug and looked at my face shouting “HAPPY!!” ¬†Yes, there is a little bit of caring in there!

2015-11-16 08.30.39-1