Family Easter #2

April 16, 2017 | When the Easter baskets are full of goodies already, I guess you have to resort to plastic bags for the actual egg hunt? #classy (Did I really just use a hashtag on my blog post? Yes, and I’ll leave it there for posterity). Mom setup cute little signs, and had some adorable eggs in the backyard for the kiddos to collect. Getting all three kiddos to pose for a photo is TOUGH for sure, then the pics with Grand/Great-Grands was even crazier…but I love E’s jazz-hands. This was her fourth, and FINAL hunt of 2017. If only there was a sports-league for this stuff!

the Purple Field

April 3, 2017 | The day prior to these photos, was the dreaded day we lost our growing baby at 14-weeks. Traumatically at home, it just isn’t something you could ever be prepared for. Sunday the 2nd is a day I will never, ever forget. So on this day, D stayed home from work, and I really needed to find some beauty in the world. There’s a field not far from our house, that I knew with the right camera lens would look like a gorgeous purple flower blanket. It was just what I needed, and E was extra silly…as if, maybe she knew, I needed her to bring a smile to our sadness.

She earned a little playground time for all that posing… 🙂

Day Date

May 4, 2016 | D & I decided that we needed another day-date, where we can just relax and spend some time together.  The morning was lazy, but we knew we wanted some good BBQ and to attend a Royals game.  If you get to KC Joe’s before 11:30 AM the line isn’t bad and moves pretty quick, so we had our food.  After a leisure drive downtown to the stadium, we had plenty of time to relax and eat/drink in the parking lot.  I might have done some crochet too (livin’ it UP I tell you)…but a couple beers later it was time to head in.  And after the first inning we were losing by…six?  The shade was so cold, and it was a school-day-at-the-K, so kids literally everywhere.  D’s favorite part was when Hosmer went up to bat all of the girls squealed… 🙂

2016-05-04 13.45.30 2016-05-04 13.52.47

We still managed to stay for most of the game, but eventually we were cutting it close for daycare pick-up time.  We grabbed E and made our way home for some backyard play. She grabbed her beloved tutu, and a random winter hat, and we were outside.  Toddler fashion at its finest!

2016-05-04 17.32.04-1 2016-05-04 17.35.09-2 2016-05-04 17.36.10 HDR-2 2016-05-04 17.36.58 2016-05-04 17.41.23 HDR-2 2016-05-04 17.46.36 2016-05-04 18.25.35

Post-Party Play

February 20, 2016 | After the party festivities E crashed for a much needed nap.  I’m trying to remember if D and I napped too?  There’s a good possibility that happened… 🙂  When she woke her first words were “Choo choo tains!”  The train set was something that was supposed to be for Christmas, but when she seemed so happy to have the few gifts that were opened we just put them aside and saved them for Birthday instead.  It was hard for me to put the train set away, because I KNEW how much she would love it!  But it was still a great success.  You can see her mouth forming the word “choo choo” in a couple of these images.  And Mosby just chillin’ in the background…

RP_2ndBDay_0049 RP_2ndBDay_0050 RP_2ndBDay_0051 RP_2ndBDay_0052 RP_2ndBDay_0053 RP_2ndBDay_0054 RP_2ndBDay_0055 RP_2ndBDay_0056

Front Yard

October 6, 2015 | It’s been really warm/nice this Fall, in fact we’ve still been wearing lots of shorts and t-shirts.  And the weather works well since E is always begging to be outdoors. Walk by our front yard, and this is pretty much what you would see right now.  Bubbles, the slide, the mower (walking it all the way out of our cul-de-sac and to the field a block or two away), and pointing out birdies & airplanes in the sky.  And Mosby just loses it if you don’t let him join…so he gets to be there too!

3O5A8195a 3O5A8205a 3O5A8210a 3O5A8214a 3O5A8220a 3O5A8242a 3O5A8252a 3O5A8260a 3O5A8263a 3O5A8267a 3O5A8269a


August 26, 2015 | So, are all of these days an actual “thing” that is for real?  I’m not so sure, but sometimes it prompts me to take a few more photos with the camera (vs. the iPhone 5S).  These two have a funny relationship for sure.  She loves him, he avoids her as much as possible.  But she still throws the toys for him, so here’s hoping he comes around soon.

IMG_1927a IMG_1933a IMG_1938a IMG_1943a IMG_1948aAnd just to show how much she isn’t ALWAYS into photos, this was the same day later in the evening

3O5A1058a 3O5A1060a

Royals Hat & her Dog

April 21, 2015 | Not all shoots start out strong — in fact this new hat wasn’t too exciting for E.  I thought it would work well for her first game that we would be attending, but it never lasts long!  But in those first few moments that it’s placed on her head, she looks pretty darn cute.  Even with a few tears!

IMG_1472a IMG_1480a IMG_1483a IMG_1495a IMG_1527aAfter some photos, it was time to get into PJ’s while Dad mowed the lawn.  E loves to toddle from window-to-window to see where he is.  She points, says “DAAAAA!” and stomps her feet in excitement.  It’s pretty darn adorable.  AND she still LOVES her puppy…even if he seems pretty miserable most of the time when she’s petting him! 🙂


IMG_1553a IMG_1575a IMG_1578a IMG_1588a