M | 2-Weeks Old

May 31, 2018 | For being so young, I’m constantly amazed at not only the expressions on this girl, but the intensity with which she stares at me. It’s like she is a grown-kid inside that tiny baby! Also the eyebrows…they constantly make me laugh because she’s looking at me with skepticism well beyond her two weeks.


May 25, 2018 | I take WAY too many photos. M is already realizing it, because she fought me HARD on this one, even though it was only 10-minutes! I was determined to get her to sleep, and tried ALL of my tricks…stubborn little girl. 🙂

Marlo | Newborn Photos

May 23, 2018 | I asked Deanna to come over and capture our family for the first time with M, and it was such a relaxed session I couldn’t have been happier! It was a bit more nutty trying to get three girls photo-ready, but once Deanna arrived I didn’t mind anything that was happening.  M did so great, and was asleep for MOST of it…and for awhile afterwards.  Which means I took the opportunity to snag a few more photos of her myself (since I asked Deanna to focus on the family)!

And then a few of my snaps… 🙂

Bath time

Well it took awhile, but baths are finally a NON-SCREAMING time.  She doesn’t exactly love it yet, but we are making progress!  And yes, the sink has been an easier location than anywhere for now… 🙂

photo 5photo 4 (2)

Neighborhood Baby Shower

April 6, 2014 | This culdesac has quite a close group of people, so we are very lucky to live in a place where all the kids know one another, and the parents are pretty awesome too!  Gina wanted to host a baby shower for E, and thought it would be more fun if it was after she arrived (since I did not know the gender).  I fed E, and kept her awake for awhile afterwards with the HOPE that she would sleep through most of the event.  It’s a miracle, but it worked!

photo 1 (3)

The party girl, all dressed up!

photo 4 (3)

Image of me from Mary of DELISH! catering…such an amazing raspberry cake!

photo 3 (3)

photo 2 (3)

Jill was so excited to get her baby fix, and E slept in her arms for half the shower!

Abbey’s Birthday

My sister’s Birthday was 3/29, so we celebrated with a quick family brunch on Sunday the 30th.  E had a BIG day that day (with a couple events to go to) but we passed with flying colors!

This is the bouncy seat that I used as a baby…Mom recovered it with polka-dot fleece, and E really seemed to enjoy it. So funny to watch her in there!

IMG_1079a IMG_1087a

She can really entertain a crowd, and even gave Uncle Jared a smile… 🙂
IMG_1095aAfter the family gathering we took E to her first party — it was to celebrate Mark C’s birthday.  How did I not take a single photo?  There were lots of adults & kids, food, and the movie Frozen had all of the kiddos fixated. I successfully fed her there too…which means that I’m getting better at this whole thing.  Crazy right?

Heart check!

March 26, 2014 | After E’s second pediatric appointment, it was recommended we head to the local children’s hospital for an EKG + an Echo-cardiogram.  There was still a sound in there that our Dr. didn’t really like, so she wanted to be sure it wasn’t a big deal.  So we setup the appointment and prepared to see what was going on.

After a quick breakfast for E, she was ready to relax enough for the test.  It was a very dark room with lots of stickers/posters for kids to look at, along with a strange soothing video asking the patients to “imagine you are at a smooth lake, taking in the calming breeze and soaring birds…”  I love these images Dave grabbed with his phone during the tests, and she checked out just fine!  When is the last time you had immediate results from a Dr. visit?

photo 1 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 2 (1)