Bath time

Well it took awhile, but baths are finally a NON-SCREAMING time.  She doesn’t exactly love it yet, but we are making progress!  And yes, the sink has been an easier location than anywhere for now… 🙂

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Neighborhood Baby Shower

April 6, 2014 | This culdesac has quite a close group of people, so we are very lucky to live in a place where all the kids know one another, and the parents are pretty awesome too!  Gina wanted to host a baby shower for E, and thought it would be more fun if it was after she arrived (since I did not know the gender).  I fed E, and kept her awake for awhile afterwards with the HOPE that she would sleep through most of the event.  It’s a miracle, but it worked!

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The party girl, all dressed up!

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Image of me from Mary of DELISH! catering…such an amazing raspberry cake!

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Jill was so excited to get her baby fix, and E slept in her arms for half the shower!

Abbey’s Birthday

My sister’s Birthday was 3/29, so we celebrated with a quick family brunch on Sunday the 30th.  E had a BIG day that day (with a couple events to go to) but we passed with flying colors!

This is the bouncy seat that I used as a baby…Mom recovered it with polka-dot fleece, and E really seemed to enjoy it. So funny to watch her in there!

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She can really entertain a crowd, and even gave Uncle Jared a smile… 🙂
IMG_1095aAfter the family gathering we took E to her first party — it was to celebrate Mark C’s birthday.  How did I not take a single photo?  There were lots of adults & kids, food, and the movie Frozen had all of the kiddos fixated. I successfully fed her there too…which means that I’m getting better at this whole thing.  Crazy right?

Heart check!

March 26, 2014 | After E’s second pediatric appointment, it was recommended we head to the local children’s hospital for an EKG + an Echo-cardiogram.  There was still a sound in there that our Dr. didn’t really like, so she wanted to be sure it wasn’t a big deal.  So we setup the appointment and prepared to see what was going on.

After a quick breakfast for E, she was ready to relax enough for the test.  It was a very dark room with lots of stickers/posters for kids to look at, along with a strange soothing video asking the patients to “imagine you are at a smooth lake, taking in the calming breeze and soaring birds…”  I love these images Dave grabbed with his phone during the tests, and she checked out just fine!  When is the last time you had immediate results from a Dr. visit?

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Nordstrom Outing

March 25, 2014 | A little hint I received from several friends/clients, was a secret location for a first-time outing with your new baby.  Nordstrom!  They have adorable clothes (of course), but also a Mother’s Lounge that provides a changing table + sink, and several chairs for Moms to feed their little ones.  Lauren and I decided it was a perfect place to meet-up and attempt the outing.  The little E’s did great, and we were able to talk for awhile which was great in so many ways.  And it was my first time feeding my girl in “public”.  I’m sure it will get easier with time, as will the escalators… 🙂

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We have had LOTS of visitors to see baby E — she is already so completely loved by our family and friends!  And I didn’t even capture all of them on camera… 🙂


Grandma H — holding her 16th Grandchild!



My Grandpa, so E’s GREAT-Grandpa!


Our great friends who brought us dinner, AND our expecting their first child on Aug. 27th, 2014

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First Pediatric Appointment

Have I mentioned this blog will be mostly photos, and keeping the words minimal? 🙂

The initial appointment with our pediatrician went great (other than the hospital not sending over E’s paperwork)…she was down to 7 lb. 12 oz. after gaining PAST her birthweight in the NICU.  I wont lie, this put me in a little bit of a panic about her feeding…so we stuck with our 3-hour-schedule round the clock to get her back up.  The Dr. thought she might have heard a little murmur, but wanted to wait until the next appt. to really take action.  We did a real outing together as a family!
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