Snow Fun!

February 4, 2018 | A surprise snow of several inches means E is at the window begging to go play outside. She actually did shovel for a little bit, but she prefers to throw snow at D’s phone/face…or push him into the snow… 🙂  I watched/laughed from the window and had to bust-out the camera (and new 135MM lens). Her joy was infectious!

G Kid Event & Luminary Walk

December 2, 2017 | D’s company puts together a kid event each year at an arcade, where the kids can meet Santa and we walk out with a printed photo or two. E was super excited to talk to Santa this year, and the fact that we were going to a “party” made her extra excited. The noise level was a bit insane, but it was a pretty good morning.

After a LONG nap (for E and I), we decided to head to the Luminary Walk. Hot coco was the ticket to convince E. It’d been a few years since our rough experience when she was a baby, and now that the event is over multiple weekends we figured let’s go! The car made it about a mile out from the entrance when traffic backed-up. Dave was NOT thrilled about the waiting, but we really had nowhere else to be so I convinced him this was happening… 🙂  After 20-minutes passed to get in, we were finally walking to the event.  This year they spread the gnome houses out a lot, along a much wider path, which fixed the biggest issue from the time we went before!  E walked most of the time by herself, was INFATUATED with the Opera-singing-Santa, downed her warm-cider, and ran to every light feature she saw. Pure heaven for this busy toddler. We ended up walking out to the car singing “Jingle Bells” while E had the hiccups… 🙂

ETA: Dave didn’t bring a coat, and regretted it IMMEDIATELY.  That night, E decided to vomit everywhere at 3 AM…joy!

SKP Lake Lights

December 1, 2017 | After dinner at Chi-town with my parents, we had the idea of going to the Lake Lighting! All of the activities were done, but that likely worked in our favor because keeping track of our kid in the dark is WORK. Despite a glow necklace AND two glow bracelets around her ankles, she has a habit of just running! So we had to have a lot of discussion about staying close/waiting for us. Nobody was really dressed for the cold, so we made a brisk walk around the park/playground before dragging E to the car. You’d think to head home, but no. for ICE CREAM…we may be a little bit crazy… 🙂


Thanksgiving at the Lake

November 25, 2017 | Annual trip to the lake, the Saturday after turkey-day, was a chaotic success! We waited for Sat morning to leave this year, along with MOST of the rest of the family. After getting there everyone just talked in the very warm sunshine. Lots of the Moms were in the kitchen cooking enough food for an army, some of Scott’s kids were shooting various guns outside, & 4-wheelers zoomed by every few minutes.  I forced everyone (and their dogs) into a giant group pic…and while they groaned about it I’m so glad we did… 🙂  Most of the crew left on Saturday night, so we had the house to ourselves to chill. Church Sunday morning, followed by spending some time at the blue shed for E to explore go 4-wheeling in the cow field, and the weekend was over!

The next 4 images taken by E, age 3:

And a few cell photos too

Fall Pro-Pics

November 6, 2017 | It’s annual photo-time for the family, and this year I swapped sessions with my friend Jamie. After weather forcing 2 reschedules, I didn’t feel like I could move it again…so we proceeded with cold/mist/wind anyways. E was frigid at the start, and I feared the session was going to result in ZERO images when she wouldn’t even stand by herself. But some suggestions to dance got her out of the funk and we have some cute images…in between the dino-roars and chasing poor Jamie!

Behind the scenes!

Salty Shirt & Ponies

October 7, 2017 | When a former client sends you a toddler shirt from a growing company, you do a mini-shoot with said shirt for them…luckily E was a willing participant!

My Little Pony had a new movie come out, and reluctantly I purchased a character hoodie at a consignment sale. I may not be a huge fan, but I knew E would be!  So we put it on, and got ready for the show. The movie was a bit rough for the adults — when you’re used to Pixar/Disney anything else will just be that way — but E loved it.  She sat through the whole thing just smiling at the screen.