September 22, 2018: Attempting to shoot a little different than usual…darker. The things I note about these images are E’s whispy hairs, and M’s sweet baby profile. Also her reflux medicine…twice a day for that poor belly! The YL Diffuser, and the bottle drying rack…such a snap shot for this time in our life…


September 19, 2018: This particular day, M happen to be in a black onesie. And the dining room happen to have this headband recently purchased, next to this blanket that was purchased a long time ago. I attempted to snap some cell photos, and quickly realized they were awful…and there sat my DSLR! Looooooove

the Sunflower Field

September 16, 2018: I have to hand it to my family — I get this wild idea to run somewhere for photos, and everyone does such a good job! It was hot, there were lots of bees, and asking a 4-year old to hold a 4-MONTH old isn’t easy. But both girls did amazing, and I have some of my favorite images ever taken in this collection! That bubble-wand is quite the bribery-tool… 🙂

Toddler Tri + Wine Co

August 25, 2018: E tends to be a bit competitive, and full of energy, so a toddler-triathlon seemed like a good idea to address  both of those things! It was grouped by ages, and they did a bike/”swim” aka water-slide/run to the finish line. Chaotic-fun is what I’d call it, and E managed to stay on-track for the whole race — which is amazing because the wait to begin was really hard for her. I had to feed M in some shade because it was HOT, but E was having fun climbing a tree with D. We convinced her to come go through a water slide a few times before we left, which resulted in her completely cutting in line, going through backwards, and a big scolding/tears. We were that family leaving the park with a crying/snot-drooling child being our caboose. Oh well, I’d still like to do it again!

And if that wasn’t enough activity, I remembered there was an event at the local wine company…and with M taking a quick nap in the car we thought it wouldn’t be too bad filling some more time there. It was a bit more $$ to get in than we’d planned, and after drinks (hello, heat) and some take-home stuff…woof. We wont talk about that…but E was able to burn even more energy and I enjoyed an amazing wine slushy!