August 15, 2018: When you’re a photographers child, you are often the subject of practice. I bought a prism and an orb to create some fun effects in my senior photography, and E was more than willing to stand outside and participate. I do love what it created, but I also notice in these images that I can see a glimpse of what she will look like as a grown “kid”…which is bittersweet!

M Macro

August 8, 2018: I don’t use my Macro lens very often, but it is all of those tiny baby details that are easily forgotten as they grow. I want to look at old photos and see the eyelashes, chubby fingers, and bright blue tones in her eyes.

M Day!

August 3, 2018: Fridays are my day with M. E still goes with GPapa each week, but I didn’t want to put the stress of TWO kiddos on my Dad. So I hang out at home with M…which will change eventually (since I’m still working the same amount, and this is one less childcare day). I try to sneak some work in the office, but then I look down in the basket and she looks completely happy/adorable.  And she’s doing so well with tummy-time I take a photoshoot break with her too! It’s so much fun…that face just melts my heart…

4th of July

July 4, 2018: Typically we are at the Lake for this holiday, but the new baby altered our plans a little bit this year. We know it’ll go back to “normal” next year, and really we were able to enjoy some neighborhood activities that are always missed! It was a HOT one, but the bike parade was going to proceed.  I decked E’s bike out with Dollar-Tree decor, and learned some things about how we would do it differently next year…she needs shorts, and no pieces around her legs. Plus her helmet made her extra hot…so we ended with walking and me carrying the bike. WATER BOTTLE will be on me next year!  Then the local fire department arrived to spray water on the kids…which was awesome! B & C got there right as it stopped, but the nice firefighters turned on the side water for B. They’re the best. Back at the house we had a few fireworks thanks to the neighbors, and played in the cul-de-sac with our low-grade show for awhile.

And a couple cell-pics

Strawberry Onesie

July 2, 2018: One of the cutest outfits I’ve ever seen…and while the shoot BEGAN with E being my “assistant” and holding the reflector, I think she’s just too used to being IN the frame.  But those images with her hands on M’s head make me smile each time I see them…happy surprises!

Sheep Ottoman

June 27, 2018: When I selected this piece for the nursery, I always envisioned a sleeping baby curled-up on top of it. The opportunity finally came, and I positioned towels under the ottoman in case she woke/rolled…because I was home alone and nobody was there to spot her!  But she never woke, and just hung out there for a bit…this one is already a canvas hanging in the stairway of our home…and it’s better than I envisioned!

A couple extras from that day that I also adored!