Dirt Bike Track

May 5, 2018 | Hobbling around towards the end of this pregnancy means we are limited a bit on the weekend activities…which is fine, and D has been just INCREDIBLE taking over a lot of the things that E needs.  One of the things I really wanted to take her to do was a ride on this pump-track at a local park.  I’ve seen kids on it, and while there may be some steep hills I had a feeling she would just love it.  WOW did she ever!  There were some spills, but not once did it stop her/cause tears…she wanted to keep going, and managed to get faster with each lap.  That sweaty-face took a quick snack break, and then she was back at it!  It was the longest I’ve seen her “balance” (in the gaps between hills) and she was really sad to leave.  But I know we will go back this Summer sometime!

Cell phone pics/videos

2018-05-05 10.35.57

Maternity Photos

April 16, 2018 | After numerous reschedules hoping for the flowering trees, I finally decided that no matter what we were going to take them on this day. The location has special meaning, because it was where I spent a lot of time after our loss a year+ ago. I thought that it would bring everything full-circle to capture this pregnancy in the same physical place that brought so much heartache before.  But it still worked…even though the trees weren’t flowering, a nearby tree was, and it was a lovely sunny-day for photos.  I love them…and this lovely life we have created.

Last Dance Class

February 21, 2018 | Well, E did like dance, but wasn’t really interested in continuing. Which is fine, we really need to start swim lessons and I don’t want more than one obligation per week! But the last class was parent watch-week, so we actually got to be inside the classroom which was awesome. I’m the nerdy parent with my big camera, but…sorry-not-sorry! Maybe she’ll come back to it one day, maybe not. I’m just glad she tried it!

SKP Lake Lights

December 1, 2017 | After dinner at Chi-town with my parents, we had the idea of going to the Lake Lighting! All of the activities were done, but that likely worked in our favor because keeping track of our kid in the dark is WORK. Despite a glow necklace AND two glow bracelets around her ankles, she has a habit of just running! So we had to have a lot of discussion about staying close/waiting for us. Nobody was really dressed for the cold, so we made a brisk walk around the park/playground before dragging E to the car. You’d think to head home, but no. for ICE CREAM…we may be a little bit crazy… 🙂


Fall Pro-Pics

November 6, 2017 | It’s annual photo-time for the family, and this year I swapped sessions with my friend Jamie. After weather forcing 2 reschedules, I didn’t feel like I could move it again…so we proceeded with cold/mist/wind anyways. E was frigid at the start, and I feared the session was going to result in ZERO images when she wouldn’t even stand by herself. But some suggestions to dance got her out of the funk and we have some cute images…in between the dino-roars and chasing poor Jamie!

Behind the scenes!