April 7, 2017 | When we were expecting, due in October meant no income during my busiest time of the year. I scheduled some mini-sessions in April to make up the difference a little bit, and of course those had to continue despite the circumstances. I found these amazing flowering trees, and had my family come up with E so I could snag some images of her too. I have a feeling each year those flowering trees will bring mixed-feelings, but they are lovely no matter what! And this girl is a PRO…ha!

First Day of Preschool

April 4, 2017 | After a weekend full of emotion, another big wave was coming our way in the form of preschool. Our little E was making the switch to 3-days a week (Tues-Thurs) of full-day school, and we prepared for a tearful drop-off. D and I went together, and walked her into her room. She was fine! Happy, walked right in and started playing…it was perfect. PHEW! So the next day I just took her myself, expecting more of the same. Yet something “clicked” and she realized that this was the new norm (and not just a novelty for one day). Que the waterworks…for BOTH of us due to my own emotional state. UGH it was so hard to walk out of that classroom hearing her beg me not to leave her! The emotions ebb and flow for sure, but I’m glad it isn’t all sad…she’s learning so much, comes home with new songs, and even talks about FRIENDS! 🙂



the Purple Field

April 3, 2017 | The day prior to these photos, was the dreaded day we lost our growing baby at 14-weeks. Traumatically at home, it just isn’t something you could ever be prepared for. Sunday the 2nd is a day I will never, ever forget. So on this day, D stayed home from work, and I really needed to find some beauty in the world. There’s a field not far from our house, that I knew with the right camera lens would look like a gorgeous purple flower blanket. It was just what I needed, and E was extra silly…as if, maybe she knew, I needed her to bring a smile to our sadness.

She earned a little playground time for all that posing… 🙂

the Sad, Beautiful Images

March 23, 2017 | Another kinda sad post…because these photos held a lot of hope, promise, and happiness for me when they were taken. I even reached out to another photographer for the location, and I’ve never met her. But I wanted a special spot to create images that would announce our pregnancy to the world. The first attempt, I picked-up E from daycare ready with a dress, hair piggies, and a prop-stool. Yet the sun went behind the clouds so the result was fairly “flat” images that I didn’t love. Not to mention I only found 1 of the hair ties I packed, the dress was incredibly SHORT on this kid, and the wind kept exposing those undies!

Knowing that these blooms would only last a handful of days, I had to make plans to return quickly. THE NEXT DAY. This time I packed a different dress (her birthday party dress), better shoes, several hair ties, and our 12-week sonogram. The sun was out and it was just lovely. THIS was more what I had envisioned! Maybe not-so-much seeing her fall off the stool onto her head, popping a squat behind a tree to pee, knocking her in the head with my camera, or her running through the trees shouting “poo poo!!!”. But you know, taking it all in as part of the experience. She’s a blast.

And now the photos I have a hard time looking at, even still. Maybe I will forever? I didn’t tell her what they really were, because D and I decided to wait until I was really showing to tell her the news. It’s a blessing we did that, since it wasn’t meant to be, but I still kinda wish I could have heard her excitement at the sweet age of 3. I asked her what she thought the photos were, and she said “Raccoons!” I couldn’t make myself delete these images, so they will have a home here.

Light Testers

March 8, 2017 | When I get an idea for a new-to-me style of photography, most of the time D or E have to be my guinea pigs. Lucky them! I was attempting some colored-lighting (while keeping the front light a clean white) with flash-gels I had purchased, so I had a crude setup in the basement. These two walked in the door from daycare pickup and I called them downstairs right away. E had some crazy-hair and a messy face…but I left it all as-is. Then she asked me to take more photos of her in each of the colors I had to gel! When she’s requesting it, I simply have to oblige, right? I adore all of those expressions!