M <3 Rug

January 19, 2019 | When you finally replace a 10+ year old rug in your house, and it really brings out the blue in baby’s eyes… 🙂 Plus E pushing M around in the walker is just something I never want to forget!

L.Lake & the Magic Tree

December 11, 2018 | It’s a family tradition to head East to see lots of Christmas lights, and this year we invited my parents! We have plenty of room in the car, and it’s more hands to help keep a baby awake past her bedtime… 🙂 I was driving so there are hardly any photos of the Lake portion, but M loved being out of the car seat. Blinking lights are her JAM (like her momma), and E remembered it from last year. A quick diaper change and we were off to the Magic Tree, where I could get out and shoot some photos. It’s a super challenging scenario, and I always feel like I’m walking the balance of enjoying the moment vs. capturing it. But I’ve always adored the images that result! It was freezing outside, but M did so well for all of it. I already cannot wait to do it again next year!

Mommy Monday

December 10, 2018 | Paw Patrol advent calendar continues, M gets more expressive, and we continue enjoying the open-gym with both of these crazy sisters… 🙂 It may be a lot of work, but those moments they look at one another with such adoration make my heart burst!

Plus some iphone images from the day…

Christmas Decor

November 18, 2018 | Yes, it’s November, but when you put up as much as I/we (E & I) do, it only makes sense to get started early so you can enjoy it longer! I decided to start a kinda “girly” tree/ornaments this year for E & M. It is in the dining room, and I bought two of each ornament with a rose-gold box for each daughter. I hope that it will last a long time, and become a tradition that they always decorate that tree (which will need better anchoring for a few years). The ornaments have a vintage look, and I hope they will treasure them for many years to come! And doesn’t every little girl decorate her tree in wings and cat-accessories? Once we setup the train, E promised to keep M safe and support her sitting to watch it…and I attempted to capture the scene with my phone for too long before D finally said GET YOUR CAMERA. Thanks babe!