Snippets of E

January 25, 2018 | D and I type-up some of the funny stories/silly conversations we are having with E…and I’m throwing these three into one post… 🙂

“I don’t want to take the bookmark, I want to BORROW it!” she knows the word borrow?!

“What is reflecting off my cup!?” spoken at the breakfast island on a dark-morning

“A little girl was walking through the woods and heard some beeping. So she followed the beeping until she found a droid that was stuck in a plastic…thing…that had holes and some glue…and it was stuck to the ground [I think she was trying to describe some kind of net here?] Then the  girl rescued the droid the end.”

“It’s hard to be the Bean sometimes…”


December 30, 2017 |

“Once upon a time a girl named Elena was walking on a path near the woods, when she found a bear. But it was a nice bear, and he was eating honey with his paws. He shared some with me, & I had some (choose if I have plum sauce or peanut butter; ok PB). We made a sandwich together and cut it into 4 squares…I put 2 on my plate and one for you and one for daddy. We kept walking for more adventure, and had a great day! The end”

Morning Story

October 26, 2017 |

6:30 AM:
I’m woken by pressure on my arm, and hear a small giggle. This can only mean that Dave left E’s door open after her 3:45 AM potty wake-up, and she tends to wake-up really early when it’s a Papa day.  Preschool?  Nope…we have to wake her.  But the excitement of a Papa day means she’s ready to get out the door early.
But I somehow convinced her that it’s too early, and pull her into bed with us. She snuggles under the covers a bit, exclaiming it’s super cozy, and then plays with my hair a bit telling me she’ll make it look pretty… 🙂  Dave is half-asleep through most of the interaction (I think), but eventually wakes up and joins in the silliness!  She is grabbing hair-ties from my bed side table and throwing them on my pillow, so I grab her and throw her Paw-Patrol-Halloween-Jammie-self into the middle of the bed.
It was so so sweet, and ended with her grabbing three books from her room for me to read before breakfast. 🙂

E’s Stories

“I can’t wait to get bigger.  When I’m 5 I’ll be a grown up. I’ll take pictures with mommy.  With a tall, tall camera.”

Preschool pickup;
Me:  “What’d you do at preschool today?”
E:  “I don’t know, check on your phone…”
Me:  …

“With your hair down, you look like a REAL mommy!”
(I get this one a lot)


April 24, 2017 | E is starting to want to tell us her own made-up stories…here are just a couple recent ones!

Once upon a time, a little girl & her mommy went walking through the forest.
Then they got stuck in a bush.
Then they called the Paw Patrol for help!
Then then needed a flashlight to get home.
Then they walked home.
That’s the end of my story!

You want another story? 😉

Then she told D this one:

Once there was a little girl who loved her mom and dad…and Mosby. They went walking through the forest and they found some pine cones. And Marshall. And a water cannon. Then they got caught by a beast. The end.

Gymnastics Trial

February 20, 2017 | Today was E’s gymnastics trial! My Mom gifted a session for the big THREE birthday, and since she was off of work she was able to come along. There were no other kids, maybe because it was a holiday? Early in the morning? Who knows…but it’s kinda weird sitting just a few feet away from a lesson, especially when it’s your child’s first time in an environment like that. She liked it, but you could tell after about 20-mins she was ready to do her own thing…ha! Afterwards we all went to Hobby Lobby, then had lunch with with my neighbor gals. E was just awesome…even let us talk A LOT. 🙂

Cut to that night: after her bath I went downstairs to walk the treadmill, and watch ‘This Is Us’. I come upstairs and it’s after 9:15. She’s still talking, happily. I decide to go into her room before I shower, only to find a giant mess of her stuffed animals, and the noise machine is sitting inside the upside down lid of her humidifier. She immediately runs to her bed once I open the door, and I tell her she needs to be asleep. She smiles and asks why I’m mad at her. I smile, she giggles, and I giggle back. Then she kisses my forehead, gives me a hug, then does this thing we do where we push our foreheads together, bug out our eyes and yell “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!” until she’s got the hiccups from laughing so much. Dang I love that kid. So I tickle her a bit and say we have all the sillies out, to which she replies “There’s a little more in there mommy!” So I tickle her a bit more, tell her I love her, then leave and hit the shower.

She’s seriously the best. I love her silliness, and fearlessness…!

Sound Byte

January 2, 2017

E: “I need to go poo-poo…”
Grabs Dave’s hand “you go with me!” and pulls him off the floor, dragging him to the bathroom.
Begins the process, “Turn on the fan; I make it stinky in here!”
<hear pushing sounds from the living room>