Nap Wake-up

December 4, 2017 | E typically wakes up from nap or bedtime, she’s HAPPY. Today was a Mommy-day, and I heard her talking to herself in her room, not the usual calling out for me. So I just let her talk and sing, and realized she was giving her stuffed animals a true performance! I slowly opened the door, and she was on her back at the headboard, with her feet up the wall, kinda sideways. I started giggling, and then she did too! Hilarious, and then she told me about how all of the stuffed animals loved her songs, and I had her bow to both sides of lined up animals…so, darn, cute. 🙂

This is her after the nap — she knows if she stays in bed/goes to sleep, she gets a little iPad time as a reward!

Mommy Day

July 24, 2017 | Sometimes E is a bit of a homebody, which I don’t mind too much, but I also like for her to see different things!  Especially downtown, and this Monday it was time to ride the street car. It was free, and the original plan was to ride to the Rivermarket.  But she heard the announcer say we were passing the Library, so I had no chance of getting her past that. Turns out the downtown library is incredible!  Not only is the building gorgeous, but they had all sorts of activities and cool books. Since we were right by Crown Center, why not stop in for the free Thomas the Train exhibit?! I had originally told her that we were going to eat at the Train restaurant (Fritz’s) but on the way in the line was a mile long. After Thomas, we returned and the line was even LONGER, so I had a heart-to-heart with her about choosing another spot with no line. I was completely impressed with how she handled it. She admitted that it was sad, but we got to eat our food right away! I really love our days together, and when we got home D took her out back where she loves to play with lizards in the pond. She could be out there for hours!

Mommy Day

July 1, 2017 | Monday Mommy-Days are still in full-effect, and I love it. This particular day, I thought we would attempt TWO big places at once, since they literally share a parking lot! First Wonderscope, which has undergone quite a nice renovation. The Grocery room has the most improved overhaul, and it was definitely a top spot for E. After pretending the shop — and buy everything — we moved our way through the tennis-ball room, water tables, and climbing wall. Then a quick change into our swimsuits and we were at Splash Cove! A water park geared towards little kids, it’s great to let E swim/climb all over the whole area. She even went down some of the bigger slides! I tried to go down with her on one of them, but we were immediately scolded by the high-school-age lifeguard…”One at a time!!!”

Cousin Mondays

May 8, 2017 | This will actually include a FEW of the different Mondays we spent together with our cousins during the month of May. With my sister working part time, and both of us using Monday as our “kid” day, it only makes sense to get the whole crew together for some fun!  The Museum, the Farmstead, a local nature park, AND a neighborhood park…I think we had all of the Mondays included!

May the 4th

May 4, 2017 | Being a house who loves Star Wars, E had to rock her shirt on this national day dedicated to the Light Saber…and check out those dance moves!

And apparently she was really excited about our garage sale — I had to pry this sign from her hands on more than one occasion!