Book Writing

April 8, 2018 | E has always loved books — we always read three before naps/bedtime (naps have been long-gone though), and then she sneaks some into the day here and there too.  I saw a friend post that her daughter had “written” a book, and thought that E would probably love to do that too!  So a piece of construction paper, folded/stapled to some white printer paper, and E had 3 books to draw photos/create a story!  She did even better than I thought she would, and asks for us to spell stuff so the words are written correctly.  It’s so awesome to see her mind just GROW so quickly!  And then, it SNOWED LIKE CRAZY…because, the weather…

Nursery, Misc

March 27, 2018 | As we are creeping slowly towards the newest member of the family, I thought I should do a “generic” post with images of the nursery, and some fun things that E is up to — and maybe throw one of the VERY FEW bump-photos I’ve taken over the course of this pregnancy.  I can partially blaming it on not wanting to get too excited until we were really far along, but also I just haven’t felt all that great for most of the time.  Quite different from my time carrying E, that’s for sure!

First let’s start with the nursery.  While we debating finding out the gender this time, ultimately we thought it would be fun to have a surprise again.  Which meant another neutral nursery!  I didn’t want it too look like E’s did, so I went with black and white pieces that gradually accumulated into a geometric/wool/sheep “theme” I guess?  First step was taking all of my Office and moving it to the guest room…

I’ll have to take some actual camera-photos once it’s completely done, but I’m actually really happy with how it turned out.  Sure I’d LOVE to get a new chair that’s black or ivory, but that just doesn’t make much sense when this one still works perfectly!

Then E…her first bout with Pink Eye (I think)?  We were able to get drops without going into the office, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well she handled them.  Even reminding me to give them to her at breakfast/dinner most of the time!  But that first morning she looked so pathetic…lol!

She’s been on a new “kick” that involves her coming out of her bedroom in the morning (now that the doorknob locks are gone) and coming into our room for morning snuggles.  She really hasn’t been a snuggler until recently, and the pregnancy pillow is just fascinating to her!  It’s pretty great to hear those little feet RUNNING into our room around 6:30 AM or so.  “I need some morning snuggles!” she’ll say…and maybe occasionally fall back asleep.  It’s nuts!  Who is this kid!?

Finally a bump-photo — we are planning on maternity photos, but here’s a cliche bathroom-selfie for now at 32 Weeks I believe?

E’s Room Update

February 24, 2018 | Now that E is four, I figured it was time for her room to get a slight “update”, and without overthinking it I actually just brought her pillow-sham to Home Depot and picked a pink that worked well with the palest shade on there! We painted ONE wall pink, and the other three got some much-needed spackle and a fresh coat. The wall by where we used to change her diaper was an eye-sore (to me) and now her room is a bit more “big girl”! She really wanted to help, but after getting paint on her clothes twice we had to distract her with the iPad…she loves it, especially her rainbow-light!

Nap Wake-up

December 4, 2017 | E typically wakes up from nap or bedtime, she’s HAPPY. Today was a Mommy-day, and I heard her talking to herself in her room, not the usual calling out for me. So I just let her talk and sing, and realized she was giving her stuffed animals a true performance! I slowly opened the door, and she was on her back at the headboard, with her feet up the wall, kinda sideways. I started giggling, and then she did too! Hilarious, and then she told me about how all of the stuffed animals loved her songs, and I had her bow to both sides of lined up animals…so, darn, cute. 🙂

This is her after the nap — she knows if she stays in bed/goes to sleep, she gets a little iPad time as a reward!