Thanksgiving at the Lake

November 25, 2017 | Annual trip to the lake, the Saturday after turkey-day, was a chaotic success! We waited for Sat morning to leave this year, along with MOST of the rest of the family. After getting there everyone just talked in the very warm sunshine. Lots of the Moms were in the kitchen cooking enough food for an army, some of Scott’s kids were shooting various guns outside, & 4-wheelers zoomed by every few minutes.  I forced everyone (and their dogs) into a giant group pic…and while they groaned about it I’m so glad we did… 🙂  Most of the crew left on Saturday night, so we had the house to ourselves to chill. Church Sunday morning, followed by spending some time at the blue shed for E to explore go 4-wheeling in the cow field, and the weekend was over!

The next 4 images taken by E, age 3:

And a few cell photos too

Labor Day at the Lake

September 3, 2017 | I only took 9 photos with my actual camera…which is almost not worth lugging the thing out of town!  But these three images are so sweet of these cousins…2nd cousins?…whatever they are, family!  E wasn’t interested in going out on the boat this time (wha?!?!) but Dave stayed back while she napped so I could go.  It was a fairly quick trip with time at the berm, letting the kids take the SUP all together (taking turns was tough for sure), and just relaxin!

Shootout Weekend

August 26, 2017 | It was time for the annual trip to some of our best friends’ lake house for the Shootout! While we may not actually SEE the boats racing these days…because really, toddlers can hang on a small boat for hours on end…it’s so much fun just to spend some chaotic time with friends!

The cell phone photos reminded me of some tidbits:

  • inflatables on the deck are hours of fun for toddlers
  • the inflata-BULL made his first appearance (possibly his last thanks to rough waters) and is hilarious, especially watching Joel
  • K&J didn’t bring their kiddos this trip, but K was great Snapchat entertainment
  • B received the Fight on PPV for his birthday, and waiting until 10:30 PM for it to start was not ideal for our E, who doesn’t sleep in our arms like some other little girls we know… 🙂

4th of July

July 4, 2017 | We always head to the lake for July 4th, and always enjoy some lame beautiful fireworks! This year she really got into the smoke bombs…a LOT. But I even convinced her to hold a few sparklers! We got the boat cleaned/in the water for the first time this season, and brother Bruce even helped! He didn’t want a ride, but we managed to get a couple of rides in. I think E tries to avoid the boat because she knows it always puts her to sleep… 🙂

We did let E swim a bit by herself off the boat, which was both exciting and crazy. Is she old enough for that?! But she loved it! Seriously, when did she get so big. I love watching her swim and jump into the water. Such a great weekend!

And the cell pics from the weekend

Then we returned home, and went to my parents house for a little cook-out. My sister purchased some small fireworks (not legal in our city) and thought she’d be sly and set them off in the backyard. Only the ladybug firework was loud, insane, and flew OVER the houses…even the kids were concerned!! LOL

Memorial Day Weekend

May 27, 2017 | When we first arrived at the lake, we were the only ones there!!  Which never, ever happens. But we got to play with a lot of water (+ a new squirt toy with a Dino on it, of course). The water was incredibly high…so much that you couldn’t even see the Berm that spend so many hours at. After a nice nighttime walk, a tree swing, and throwing rocks from the muddy-bank, we hit the pillow hard to prepare for the next day and lots more family. I had to include the image of D’s BUTT, because he saw me shooting and likes to be an ass… 😉  Sunday we went to church — E goes for the donuts I think — and spent most of the day on Grandma’s deck playing with very cold water and water balloons. The new swan didn’t even make it into the water!

Monday it was sunny and gorgeous, so we made a quick trip to our neighborhood pool.  BRRR it was freezing, but I also remembered when you’re a child temperatures mean virtually nothing when it comes to swimming!

Wine Stroll

April 28, 2017 | I’d heard about this “wine stroll” at the lake, in fact D even did it many years ago when he went to Warsaw without me (pretty sure I had a wedding). We planned to visit Sandy, but the weather was pretty crummy the whole time. Rain and intense hail as I was trying to put E down for a nap…of course. After considering my options I chose to stroll with the other ladies while D stayed back with the kiddo. The downtown area is interesting for sure, and there were various wineries setup inside each of the shops. Including a GYM where a band was playing and people were exercising at the same time…ha! The wine is very sweet — almost like Kool-aid — so it isn’t really my favorite. But after several samplings I ran back for a Elderberry wine that seemed to be nice. Opening that wine at home weeks later would reveal that no, in fact, it is NOT good. But it was still a lot of fun, and I hope to do it again next year! E got a few more 4-wheel rides in, plus marbles of course…


November 26, 2016 | It’s tradition that turkey-day with Dave’s family is celebrated the Saturday-after, at the lake. When you have a lovely background of fall trees, I cannot help but pack my camera and snag some family photos. I love seeing E at these events, because there’s so much going on, and she manages to always find Kaylee or Hannah. It’s chaos, but so much FUN. From Maddi’s dog that nobody loves but her (ha!), Scott being goofy on the family tractor, and Sandy with all of her kids doing 80’s poses…it was a blast.

My family celebrated on Sunday, and I managed to snap ONE photo of my Dad reading with E. I should be grounded! We try to take my family photo each Thanksgiving, so I don’t know what happened. Maybe dinner ran late? There not much as far as “background” to work with? There’s NO EXCUSE. Next year…

rp_tgiving16_001 rp_tgiving16_002 rp_tgiving16_003 rp_tgiving16_004 rp_tgiving16_005 rp_tgiving16_006 rp_tgiving16_007 rp_tgiving16_008 rp_tgiving16_009 rp_tgiving16_010 rp_tgiving16_011 rp_tgiving16_012 rp_tgiving16_013 rp_tgiving16_014 rp_tgiving16_015 rp_tgiving16_016 rp_tgiving16_017 rp_tgiving16_018 rp_tgiving16_019 rp_tgiving16_020 rp_tgiving16_021 rp_tgiving16_022 rp_tgiving16_023 rp_tgiving16_024 rp_tgiving16_025 rp_tgiving16_026 rp_tgiving16_027 rp_tgiving16_028 rp_tgiving16_029 rp_tgiving16_030 rp_tgiving16_031

And three cell-photos…

2016-11-26-16-18-19 2016-11-26-16-22-06 2016-11-27-15-47-59