Shootout Weekend

August 26, 2017 | It was time for the annual trip to some of our best friends’ lake house for the Shootout! While we may not actually SEE the boats racing these days…because really, toddlers can hang on a small boat for hours on end…it’s so much fun just to spend some chaotic time with friends!

The cell phone photos reminded me of some tidbits:

  • inflatables on the deck are hours of fun for toddlers
  • the inflata-BULL made his first appearance (possibly his last thanks to rough waters) and is hilarious, especially watching Joel
  • K&J didn’t bring their kiddos this trip, but K was great Snapchat entertainment
  • B received the Fight on PPV for his birthday, and waiting until 10:30 PM for it to start was not ideal for our E, who doesn’t sleep in our arms like some other little girls we know… 🙂

Annual Easter Hunt

April 9, 2017 | I’m so glad that Mark & Lauren started this tradition — a giant Easter egg hunt in their yard, complete with brunch and adult-drinks… 🙂 I actually didn’t take all that many photos this time, which means I was talking too much with friends. We are so lucky to be surrounded by great people! Also, when did all of these kiddos get so BIG?!

And some cell-photos of our pre-hunt picnic at a new-to-us park!

Snake Saturday Parade

March 18, 2017 | Bad weather moved the original date (3/11) to post-St. Patty’s Day, and I’m so glad it did. Sunshine is way better for a crew of kids! I packed toys, snacks, a blanket, frisbees, a ribbon wand, coloring books, Paw Patrol figures, and way too many other things. Seriously, the wagon was full. Then I made a fool of myself to get a group photo of NINE KIDS. E dancing to the dance-drum is a favorite… 🙂


February 27, 2017 | Is it possible that a newly-three child can feign sickness to get attention? Because I’m pretty sure E was doing just that. BUT, I also think this was the toughest cold she’s ever had. That face is so pathetic!!

Obviously this meant no daycare the next day, but don’t worry, she was much better and up for a picnic at the park.  Here’s 2/28, and getting a letter from her BFF was definitely a highlight! 😉

Tree Farm Mini-Session

November 23, 2016 | When Leigh posted that she’d be doing mini-sessions in a tree farm, I snagged a spot right away.  I like these quick/easy sessions, even if I spend more time finding outfits than shooting… 🙂  She grabbed some hilarious shots, especially of Mark and Dave at the start of our shoot.  And the image with her fellow-E? So…sweet!

rp_treeminipro16001 rp_treeminipro16002 rp_treeminipro16003 rp_treeminipro16004 rp_treeminipro16005 rp_treeminipro16006 rp_treeminipro16007 rp_treeminipro16008 rp_treeminipro16009 rp_treeminipro16010 rp_treeminipro16011 rp_treeminipro16012

Chili Challenge

October 15, 2016 | Here we are for year 3 at the Chili Challenge with our friends (Team Fire in the Hole)!  E adores Isabel, and I was so excited to finally capture that admiration in a photo.  When we ventured out to the other parts of the contest, people have all sorts of fun things to pass out.  She made sure we got a few extra things for her big-girl hero!

2016-10-15-12-06-10-2 2016-10-15-12-26-08 2016-10-15-16-31-29

After eating a LOT of chili, we all went to the amazing playground up North to burn more energy…which E decided is best by laying down and pretending to nap… 🙂


The day ended with a visit to her BFF, E’s house for some yummy food and time by the fire pit.  All of the kids had a lot of fun, and I’m sure running around a fire is good parenting all around…

2016-10-15-18-56-10-2 2016-10-15-19-13-36-1 2016-10-15-19-13-43-2

the Pumpkin Patch

October 8, 2016 | The month was just beginning, and we were already at our third pumpkin-event…which is just the way I like it! This time we returned to the same patch we visited last year, where for $10 your kid has access to acres of activities/slides/games/toys.  It really is an amazing place, with more delicious fair-type food & energy-burning greatness.  The best part, is that we gathered all of the friend + their kiddos!  I love that we still find ways to hang out while being parents.  The get-togethers may be a bit kid-centered now, but they are so fun in a different way.

And the final photo, showing that after several hours of play our kid still wasn’t ready to leave…ha!

rp_kcppatch16_0001 rp_kcppatch16_0002 rp_kcppatch16_0003 rp_kcppatch16_0004 rp_kcppatch16_0005 rp_kcppatch16_0006 rp_kcppatch16_0007 rp_kcppatch16_0008 rp_kcppatch16_0009 rp_kcppatch16_0010 rp_kcppatch16_0011 rp_kcppatch16_0012 rp_kcppatch16_0013 rp_kcppatch16_0014 rp_kcppatch16_0015 rp_kcppatch16_0016 rp_kcppatch16_0017 rp_kcppatch16_0018 rp_kcppatch16_0019 rp_kcppatch16_0020 rp_kcppatch16_0021 rp_kcppatch16_0022 rp_kcppatch16_0023 rp_kcppatch16_0024 rp_kcppatch16_0025

rp_kcppatch16_0026 rp_kcppatch16_0027 rp_kcppatch16_0028 rp_kcppatch16_0029 rp_kcppatch16_0030 rp_kcppatch16_0031 rp_kcppatch16_0032