Lake with Friends

August 19, 2019 | Our annual trip to the A-Lake House came up, and we really didn’t think too hard about taking a new baby…is that crazy?  Maybe, but let’s blame it on 2nd-kid syndrome? 🙂 We packed-up all of our stuff, made our way to the lake…and it was awesome. There was a whole new dock (that kicks ass) and the 3 big girls were all about it! Of course E was interested in testing the HIGH DIVE.  I may be writing this months later, but the part that stands out the most was E asking to jump from that high platform…and me thinking that once we got up there (together) she would change her mind. So we climbed, and she was ready…uh, what? Trying to scramble the adults with cameras/phones/video was making her impatient, but she was SURE. At just 4 years old! We jumped together, and she did it…but just that one time… 🙂  I brought a pineapple corer, which turned into a horrible mixed drink that M wouldn’t get go to waste. Then we let E take our adult-group photo…such a flattering angle and composition!

And a few cell phone images — Marlo spent most of her time inside, so she’s not in a lot of photos.  Next year baby girl!

the E girls + Sisters

May 22, 2018 | What an awesome group of kiddos we have — and when the A family came to meet M I absolutely LOVE how much the girls wanted to see her. They came with gifts, AND dinner…true friends. I recall with E how worried about her schedule I was, and visitors would be a little stressful — not this time! I couldn’t WAIT to see some friends, and didn’t care when they came over. Ha! So great to see this crew!

Shootout Weekend

August 26, 2017 | It was time for the annual trip to some of our best friends’ lake house for the Shootout! While we may not actually SEE the boats racing these days…because really, toddlers can hang on a small boat for hours on end…it’s so much fun just to spend some chaotic time with friends!

The cell phone photos reminded me of some tidbits:

  • inflatables on the deck are hours of fun for toddlers
  • the inflata-BULL made his first appearance (possibly his last thanks to rough waters) and is hilarious, especially watching Joel
  • K&J didn’t bring their kiddos this trip, but K was great Snapchat entertainment
  • B received the Fight on PPV for his birthday, and waiting until 10:30 PM for it to start was not ideal for our E, who doesn’t sleep in our arms like some other little girls we know… 🙂

Annual Easter Hunt

April 9, 2017 | I’m so glad that Mark & Lauren started this tradition — a giant Easter egg hunt in their yard, complete with brunch and adult-drinks… 🙂 I actually didn’t take all that many photos this time, which means I was talking too much with friends. We are so lucky to be surrounded by great people! Also, when did all of these kiddos get so BIG?!

And some cell-photos of our pre-hunt picnic at a new-to-us park!

Snake Saturday Parade

March 18, 2017 | Bad weather moved the original date (3/11) to post-St. Patty’s Day, and I’m so glad it did. Sunshine is way better for a crew of kids! I packed toys, snacks, a blanket, frisbees, a ribbon wand, coloring books, Paw Patrol figures, and way too many other things. Seriously, the wagon was full. Then I made a fool of myself to get a group photo of NINE KIDS. E dancing to the dance-drum is a favorite… 🙂


February 27, 2017 | Is it possible that a newly-three child can feign sickness to get attention? Because I’m pretty sure E was doing just that. BUT, I also think this was the toughest cold she’s ever had. That face is so pathetic!!

Obviously this meant no daycare the next day, but don’t worry, she was much better and up for a picnic at the park.  Here’s 2/28, and getting a letter from her BFF was definitely a highlight! 😉

Tree Farm Mini-Session

November 23, 2016 | When Leigh posted that she’d be doing mini-sessions in a tree farm, I snagged a spot right away.  I like these quick/easy sessions, even if I spend more time finding outfits than shooting… 🙂  She grabbed some hilarious shots, especially of Mark and Dave at the start of our shoot.  And the image with her fellow-E? So…sweet!

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