June Bug Ball

June 5, 2018: I love this annual event — and despite the heat I rallied Dave to help out and we made it! I had this blue wing-set from last year’s Halloween clearance that worked perfectly, so I packed it and we drove there right after preschool.  Of course we ran into “cousins” like we do every year! My favorite was Dave participating in the crafts…

Pre-Easter Egg Hunts

March 24, 2018 | This is the year we did ALL THE EGG THINGS — I mean, this particular day E was able to hunt eggs TWICE! I think D’s company egg-hunt really brought out the competitive side of hunting, because despite the cold there were tons of people out there. We arrived just minutes before the start, which worked out well because that meant no line to see the Easter Bunny (quick hug and a photo).  We ran around the circle of people, and strained to hear “GO!” before we just let her start running.  Pure, hilarious pandemonium!

Once that was complete, we had a little time at home before our friends’ annual kid-hunt — which is our favorite because, ya know, FRIENDS. E is getting old enough that we can just let her play, which means lots of chat-time. L is so good at planning this event — she made sure there was a challenging golden egg for each kid, and some fun little prizes to boot!  There was pizza, and cartoons, and beer.  It’s awesome — and would have been even better if KSU won their BBall game.  I believe we stayed until late into the night??  OOops!

Shamrock Shake

March 1, 2018 | The tradition continues — but this time I thought it was a good idea to bring the shake to a park-dock. Well, it was COLD. I had D grab sandwiches from Subway while I grabbed two small shakes to share…because I know there’s a good chance she’ll be going to McDs with her Papa this same week… 🙂  We huddled in a blanket to stay warm, and E declared she does NOT like mint. So…maybe the tradition stops here?!?! Hard to believe 4 years have gone by since leaving the NICU with our tiny human!

Longview & the Magic Tree

December 19, 2017 | The journey out to the lake-lights takes a little bit of planning — and asking D to leave work a bit early. He was so excited to bring his new electric car, because waiting in a car-line and driving through a long processional with ZERO emissions is his JAM right now… 🙂 We made it through the lake lights in record time, even arriving just after 5 PM! We drove through McD’s for dinner and then hit the Magic Tree…this year the weather was so much nicer, and I snagged a ton of images. E ran and threw hay at anyone who was near, but it was awesome. It’s the best time of year!

And add in some family-selfies/cell photos

Gingerbread House

December 16, 2017 | This year, I made the mistake of purchasing a pre-made gingerbread house where YOU have to make the icing. Ugh…never again! I think it was more like cement than icing, so thank goodness we had a tub of icing in the cabinet. D and I took turns attempting to use the icing-tube on this house, and simply gave up…ha! E didn’t mind at all, with our attention on the icing she could sneak all the sprinkles in the world. Which is the best part of building, right? 🙂

Light Shows!

December 14, 2017 | There are several light displays around our metro, and a new one popped-up this year at our Community Center so we added it to the plan! After admiring the tree a bit, we loaded E into the car wearing her jammies with a candy cane. The Comm Center was a quick-stop…after a cover/parody of Love Shack (“Toy Sack”) we had to go to the spot that’s always been a favorite (Farmstead)! She loves lights like her momma, and it was nice enough that we could let E poke out the top of the sun roof! The looks I got when I got out of the car to snap that image…ha! Totally worth it!