BBQ Contest

June 23, 2017 | Another year, another BBQ! It’s another one of those events that we say we are going to quit, but when it rolls around we really want to see these friends again. It really was a great year, and we ate more BBQ than I care to count. Including some of the NASTIEST stuff I’ve ever tasted, and I’m still unsure if it was a total jerk-move by the cooker, or if he really thought that it was good? I’ll never know, but I was pissed.  The rest of our teams shared great stuff, including beers and treats, and it was one of my favorite years overall…so let’s see if 2018 happens? 🙂

CF Walk

May 13, 2017 | This year might win for the best weather — not cold, and definitely not roasting like the previous year. E does a much better job of sticking close to us in large public spaces which makes these a lot more fun! But you absolutely cannot keep her away from cousin K. As in, I have to make sure E isn’t all-up-in-her-business every minute they are together! All you have to do is say K’s name, and E’s face completely transforms into a giant smile. A lot of the family was there, and since it’s right around Grandma’s birthday we got to bring home several gifts too… 🙂 Bomb pops also happen to be…well…the BOMB!


Family Easter #2

April 16, 2017 | When the Easter baskets are full of goodies already, I guess you have to resort to plastic bags for the actual egg hunt? #classy (Did I really just use a hashtag on my blog post? Yes, and I’ll leave it there for posterity). Mom setup cute little signs, and had some adorable eggs in the backyard for the kiddos to collect. Getting all three kiddos to pose for a photo is TOUGH for sure, then the pics with Grand/Great-Grands was even crazier…but I love E’s jazz-hands. This was her fourth, and FINAL hunt of 2017. If only there was a sports-league for this stuff!

Family Easter #1

April 15, 2017 | ALMOST each and every one of the cousins was there this time — we were only short one, which is unheard of these days. Maybe I should Photoshop Jessica’s head into the sky above the group photo? One more kiddo was up for hunting a bit this year (C), and the “veterans” were a bit more aggressive for 2017. This was E’s third hunt of the year, so the drive for candy was strong! There were outdoor games, eggs, and D actually had some time to 4-wheel. We happen to be petting one of the horses on the farm when E spotted him driving in the field. I talked to her about how much fun her Dad was having, and what a great driver he is, when she FINALLY said she wanted to go for her first very…very…slow…ride. Amazing!

Cell phone photos of my first bunny-butt cake (hilarious) and so happy that someone grabbed a cell-phone photo of E and I + horses!

Annual Easter Hunt

April 9, 2017 | I’m so glad that Mark & Lauren started this tradition — a giant Easter egg hunt in their yard, complete with brunch and adult-drinks… 🙂 I actually didn’t take all that many photos this time, which means I was talking too much with friends. We are so lucky to be surrounded by great people! Also, when did all of these kiddos get so BIG?!

And some cell-photos of our pre-hunt picnic at a new-to-us park!

NICU Release Tradition

March 1, 2017 | Three years ago…how could that even be possible? March 1 snuck-up on me this year, obviously since I booked a free glow-yoga event with Cara for the evening. Once that class was over, I texted D and asked if I could bring home the yearly Shamrock Shake for all of us to share. You know, right before bed? But it’s tradition! He didn’t love the idea, but let me do it… 🙂 Crummy phone/night photos will have to do this time around!

Valentine Mini

January 23, 2017 | Time for the 3rd Annual mini-session with Leigh! She went with a balloon theme this year, and of course E got to spend some quality time with Captain the Cat again (her favorite). I even put together a fave image from each of these sessions. They are just so quick and easy!