Candy Cane Hunt + Farmstead

December 8, 2018 | We always see the Farmstead holiday lights, but we added a little Candy Cane Hunt this year too. We met at the community center and first the kids had to decorate their bags (right up E’s alley). Then a quick explanation of the rules, and they let the kids go in age-groups to “hunt” for the mini-canes left all over the field. Despite the freezing-cold, and knowing that they were all picked-up, E managed to be the LAST KID HUNTING. She wanted to be extra certain there wasn’t a single one left. After some spilled hot-chocolate inside, we made our way to the Farmstead lights. It’s really, really, REALLY hard to photograph two small children in little/no light with any success. But, I’ll still insert what I got… 🙂

Union Station + Carriage Ride

December 3, 2018 | Our annual family trip to Union Station and all the holiday stuff we can fit into our day (during the week)! I dressed the girls in matching sweaters (per E’s request) and we were off to enjoy all the decor. I loooooove going to Union when we have the place to ourselves…it’s before school is out and the lines aren’t bad AT ALL. Even walked right up to see Santa! Next year I want to get the ornament (vs the print) because I loved how beautiful it was. E selected her annual ornament (a horse this time) and promptly dropped it and broke it’s tail off. Oh age FOUR… 🙂 Trains, letters to Santa, and the big tree were all great. But the big draw was going to the Dinosaur exhibit. E still loves them, and despite having a baby with us we thought we could manage. Had hoped she could nap in the stroller, but as soon as we entered they played a video that woke her up and that was done… 🙂 Some of the dinos moved, and E loved the ones that were mommies/babies! It was pretty cool, and I was suckered into a pink stuffed stegosaurus at the end…

And if that wasn’t enough in one day, the COLD evening was the sleigh-ride! We had forced M to participate in everything else, so D agreed to stay home with her while E and I went on the horse-carriage ride to see lights. We were bundled so tight that the wind didn’t even bother us! I adore that she’s ready for anything, all the time. What a great kick-off to the holidays!


November 24, 2018 | After my family holiday, we make our way to the lake for a giant celebration of kids/food/beer/guns/4-wheelers/drones/trucks/ridiculousness…ha! And I try to get a family photo at this holiday each year as well, with whoever is at the lake. It may not always be everyone, but it’s a LOT! My drone suddenly crashed on this trip, which kinda freaked me out…and E (+ her cousin S) discovered a love of metal detecting for rusty-nails. Parents of the year over here!

Kids Nutcracker

November 17, 2018 | I remember thinking about this event last year, but wondering if E was too little? When tickets came around this year I bought them early (like, 4 months ahead)…and I splurged for close seating to keep a 4-year-old engaged. I dressed her up in her Christmas dress, curled her hair, and suddenly she looked like a TEENAGER! How can my baby girl be getting so big…and so lovely?! Turns out I didn’t need to splurge…the kids all can go to the front and sit on the floor. The characters mingle with the crowd before the performance, and there were tons of nutcrackers for sale. E chose a ballerina ornament (phew) and at the end they passed out free light-up crowns…much to the chagrin of parents who had bought flower crowns for the show. Oops! 🙂

Pumpkin Carving

October 28, 2018 | Continuing with doing ALL THE FALL things, it was time to carve the pumpkins! That day I posed M in the front yard with some leaves first, and then she was subjected to LOVES by E. E asks to hold her occasionally, and even tried to kiss/snuggle her some…but M wasn’t really having it. The pumpkins however were VERY interesting to the baby, and she was all in! E drew the faces this year, and I carved…then she dug out all the yucky stuff. Asking her to pose with the finished product was hilarious…she’s a performer! The sunlight was so pretty we walked to the neighbors’ yard for a few E-images…she’s the best!

Pumpkin Hollow

October 22, 2018 | This month is packed with activities, and several are annual including Pumpkin Hollow! We started the day with E running to our bed for “morning snuggles” (my favorite). Aunt A brought both of her kiddos so all of the cousins were together! They ran around like crazy and had a blast, plus E held M once again for a photo like a champ. I love these outings while the kids are little…I know I’m going to miss them when they’re grown!