the Messy Box!

May 30, 2018 | When a friend is starting a new business, targeted at “kids having fun!” of course you want to help them succeed!  So I had her deliver one of the new products — the Messy Box — and I snapped around 1,000 photos of these cousins in the backyard going crazy.  It was seriously a blast, and so creative with all of the options!  But I’m going to agree with her statement that it’s for ONCE A YEAR…

Good Friday

March 30, 2018 | Every year D has Good Friday off from work, so we try to plan something fun to do. Seeing as E’s “only-child” status is expiring soon, we thought we’d finally take her to the Natural History Museum in Lawrence.  It’s not too far, and we could do minimal walking I hoped?  First up was lunch at one of my fave spots there…where she ate more than I did by a landslide… 🙂

Then it was off to the museum on-campus.  We parked at the Union, and as we walked by the Jayhawk statue (& a large group of students) she suddenly says “EEEW STINKY JAYHAWK!!!” and we couldn’t help but laugh.  Secretly proud of our little Wildcat 🙂  The museum was good, probably was awesome 30-years ago, but she’s kinda spoiled by the very interactive dino-museums close by. So a building with a bunch of statues behind glass wasn’t as impressive to this toddler… 🙂  But it was still a lot of fun!  And her eye drops glow in a black light — which was a shocking discovery BTW!

After the museum we thought she’d like some outdoor time, so we let her run around a playground for a bit before getting some ice cream (because…well, PREGNANT).  Which resulted in a car-nap, for the first time in ages.  

Salty Shirt & Ponies

October 7, 2017 | When a former client sends you a toddler shirt from a growing company, you do a mini-shoot with said shirt for them…luckily E was a willing participant!

My Little Pony had a new movie come out, and reluctantly I purchased a character hoodie at a consignment sale. I may not be a huge fan, but I knew E would be!  So we put it on, and got ready for the show. The movie was a bit rough for the adults — when you’re used to Pixar/Disney anything else will just be that way — but E loved it.  She sat through the whole thing just smiling at the screen.

NICU Release Tradition

March 1, 2017 | Three years ago…how could that even be possible? March 1 snuck-up on me this year, obviously since I booked a free glow-yoga event with Cara for the evening. Once that class was over, I texted D and asked if I could bring home the yearly Shamrock Shake for all of us to share. You know, right before bed? But it’s tradition! He didn’t love the idea, but let me do it… 🙂 Crummy phone/night photos will have to do this time around!

OPD Appreciation

June 4, 2016 | Our local police department had a little car show/appreciation day close by, so we figured why not go and check it out.  You could walk inside the big armor vehicle, eat free cotton candy, dance to music and JUMP in bounce houses!  #toddlerlife over here…with the whole family!

RP-OPD-App_001 RP-OPD-App_002 RP-OPD-App_003 RP-OPD-App_004 RP-OPD-App_005 RP-OPD-App_006 RP-OPD-App_007 RP-OPD-App_008 RP-OPD-App_009 RP-OPD-App_010 RP-OPD-App_011 RP-OPD-App_012 RP-OPD-App_013 RP-OPD-App_014 RP-OPD-App_015 RP-OPD-App_016 RP-OPD-App_017 RP-OPD-App_018

First experience with cotton candy.  Is it any surprise that she loved it?

RP-OPD-App_019 RP-OPD-App_020 RP-OPD-App_021

After a good nap, I promised her that she could do some painting.  It’s definitely something she loves doing, and after her birdhouse sits outside for awhile it needs some new color anyways… 🙂  Painting leads to a messy kid, so nekked-pool time + a GLOW bath was added to the agenda.  It was a busy day to say the least.  But this girl loves to stay busy, and I enjoy seeing her experience all of the firsts!

RP-OPD-App_022 RP-OPD-App_023 RP-OPD-App_024 RP-OPD-App_025 RP-OPD-App_026 RP-OPD-App_027 RP-OPD-App_028 RP-OPD-App_029 RP-OPD-App_030 RP-OPD-App_031 RP-OPD-App_032 RP-OPD-App_033 RP-OPD-App_034 RP-OPD-App_035 RP-OPD-App_036 RP-OPD-App_037

First Tradition!

Our NICU discharge was March 1, 2014 — and even though we hadn’t enjoyed a Shamrock shake in YEARS, we thought it was appropriate to grab one on our way home. Thus began a new family tradition, that we will always get one of these “limited time” treats to celebrate our release from the hospital.  CHEERS!

photo 3